Aquarion Logos Episode #21

Hey Subete, why don’t you get away from Maia you bastard!

Good thing the Vector-2 arrived to take her back. So, what happened there?

Turns out, the staff at DEA- I mean Shirobaco fought back and managed to send the Vector in secret.

Of course, regaining their base isn’t easy as Tsutomu got shot at the belly.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that he’s dating with Shoko-chan after Ep. 19. Damn, this ain’t good!

Anyways, it’s time for another battle between two Aquarions and while there’s a laughing MJBK inside the Logos World, both Hayato Kujou and Karan Uminagi can take care of subduing the MJBK.

Overall, it’s going smoothly for DEAVA…

Nah, I spoke too soon as Nesta summoned her giant minions that are similar to Shadow Angels or Abductors, killing innocents civilians because she wants to.

Yeah, this is worse than I thought and Maia Tsukigane doesn’t like it!

So, she has no choice but to- Wait, are you gonna merge with Subete Kenzaki?

No, this can’t be!!! Why did you do this, Maia!?

Actually, Maia is gonna stall the attacks on the surface using her power, all while telling Akira Kaibuki to destroy Subete’s evil Aquarion with his hands.

Unfortunately for Kaibuki, he couldn’t pull the trigger onto a comrade like Maia Tsukigane.

Wow Mr. Savior, are you gonna chicken out? Really Akira, you don’t deserve the title at all if you can’t save more lives with a single sacrifice!

Then again, he’s just closely attached to Maia after spending time together in and out of the battlefield.

But there you have it, Akira Kaibuki couldn’t kill Maia Tsukigane and beat Subete Kenzaki at the same time. At this point, it’s getting worse!

That’s until Tsutomu Domon came to the rescue. And although he’s still injured, Tsutomu doesn’t like seeing people frowning just because they’re terrified!

See, nothing can stop him from bringing laughter with his brand of comedy… and he’s gonna protect those smiles!

But anyways, the Vector pilots defeated the MJBK thanks to Tsutomu’s help. Of course, it’s not yet over as Subete will retreat for now and he still has Maia in his grasp!

But hey, kudos for the big guy and he deserves a medal for his heroic acts!

Unfortunately, seems that Tsutomu Domon bite the dust. Damn Kawamori-sensei, are you raising some death flags just to spice things up!?

In any case, it’s a sad way to end this episode…

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