Yuruyuri San☆Hai! Episode #08

Here’s something to start this week’s episode: A cute silent short story of Rise Matsumoto, who is always helping her fellow classmates.

This includes Akari Akaza, whose notebook was returned by Rise-san. C’mon, the student council president is very helpful to everyone!

And after helping students and receiving rewards ala Strawman Millionaire, here’s the result of her effort.

Damn, it’s adorable to see Rise-san eating takoyaki with Nishigaki-sensei! Well, that’s the only thing happened on this episode.

And now, I end Episode 8 with Chizuru Ikeda meeting with Hiwamari’s cute little sister Kaede.

Even if she’s speaking to a stoic twin of Chitose, Kaede’s cuteness can make her smile just a bit!

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