Hidan no Aria AA Episode #08

Today, a very unlikely partnership was formed between Shino Sasaki and Urara Takachiho.

Their mission: To deepen their bond with Akari Mamiya and capture her embarrassing moments. Yeah, good luck with those two!

So anyways, it’s time for the beach episode at Urara’s private artificial beach resort!

Oh yeah and in order to succeed their mission, Urara made a special swimsuit just for Akari-chan.

Aww, Urara and Shino are so happy to see Akari-chan! One more thing about Akari’s swimwear? I’ll tell you that it’s the same design as Urara Takachiho.

Oh and there’s a catch though as Akari’s swimsuit has a special function, which it shrinks when doused in water. This poses a problem for Urara-sama…

…as the Aizawa twins mixed the swimsuits up. Oh boy, I have a bad feeling about this!

Meanwhile, here’s Kirin-chan grabbing Raika’s right boob. Nice swimwear for Raika-chan by the way!

Oh look, and Raika is about to make out with Kirin-chan, something that’s not safe for Nonoka’s eyes.

You know what, let’s move onto the main event where Urara is about to ra- I mean deepen her relationship with Akari-chan!

Unfortunately, Yaya and Yuyu attempts to stop their master from embarrassing herself.

So was Shino as she noticed that Urara is wearing that shrinking bikini, and it’s about to have a wardrobe malfunction if it shrinks further!

And then, it turned for the worst as both girls fell into a trapdoor and into a large hot bathtub.

Urara supposed to take Akari-chan into the bathtub, but it seems that her plan failed!

Therefore, Urara Takachiho got a taste of her own medicine. Well, it’s sucks that she’s buck-naked and Urara is hiding her buxom body underwarter, something that’s not safe for Akari’s eyes!

In any case, I’ll see you on the next episode where Aria-sempai visits the Mamiya residence.

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