Anti-Magic Academy “The 35th Test Platoon” Episode #08

OMG, they’re doing it, they’re doing it! THEY’RE FUCKING DOING IT!!!

Oh, Ikaruga just paralyzed Takeru with an anesthesia. It’s sucks!

Anyways, it’s time for the climatic conclusion to Suginami’s story arc where the inquisitors from Anti-Magic Academy are going to war against Valhalla.

Not today though as they’re going to dismantle Alchemist Corporation because of the Lost Matrix. Speaking of the Lost Matrix, Ikaruga brought it back!

Meanwhile, Takeru Kusanagi came back from his paralysis as he dons his Mistilteinn armor. Of course, he’s not alone to take Ikaruga-san back!

As you can see, Ouka Ohtori has returned after her captors decided to let Ouka and her comrades go.

Oh yeah, and they got their clothes back instead of being disposed by the guards.

Now then, I wonder what’s happening inside Isuka’s research tower?

Oh, seems that Isuka wants to get the Lost Matrix back by force! You know what, it would be nice if she join her sister and start a new life, but it’s too late now!

Also, she’s gonna shoot Ikaruga for her betrayal of trust.

Unfortunately for Isuka, it turns out that her twin-sister used Lost Matrix on herself, becoming a half-elf that can make anti-matter. It’s nano-machines, boys and girls!

Anyways, Ikaruga Suginami will just scare the shit out of her arrogant sister Isuka…

But then, Haunted just stab Isuka to the chest with his bare hands. Dammit Haunted, you always ruin everyone’s moment!

Oh, and he summoned a mecha-wyvern ’cause why not!

One more thing, guns aren’t effective against Haunted, so seeing the infamous priest having a bullet wound in the forehead is very creepy!

On the other hand, it’s sad that Ikaruga lost Isuka in her arms. But before she died, Isuka told her twin-sister that her elf child Kanaria is under Valhalla’s custody.

Yeah, what could possibly go wrong if Haunted gets his hands onto Ikaruga’s elf child?

In any case, it’s up to the 35th Test Platoon to clean Haunted’s mess. C’mon, they’ll have to do it despite not being noticed by other platoons in regards to their efforts.

Also, Lapis’ mana is about to run out soon…

However, Mari Nikaido got mana to fuel Kusanagi up. I mean, Lapis Lazuli and her can absorb magic!

In any case, they destroyed the mecha-wyvern and it seems that Sougetsu Ohtori and his inquisitor army managed to dismantle the Alchemist Corporation… somewhat!

Still, it’s sad that Ikaruga has lost a family member while her baby got captured by Valhalla.

But on the positive side, she has someone to lean on like Takeru Kusanagi as he patted her head. Aww, isn’t it sweet?

Anyways, see ya next episode and I don’t know what’s gonna happen next!

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