Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru Episode #08

Well everyone, it’s time to conclude this mystery involving Atsurou Sasaki and the remains of Natsuko Soune.

Let’s hope that it doesn’t end horribly…

Anyways, this is Atsurou Sasaki’s older sister named Sayuki Haruma. She told both Sakurako-san and Shoutarou-kun that Natsuko Soune was her caregiver.

Sayuri-san added that she and her brother Atsurou became close with Natsuko. Speaking of Natsuko Soune, she fell in love with Atsurou Sasaki. But after a string of unfortunate events like Natsuko’s baby died from premature birth, they drifted apart with Natsuko Soune died all alone.

In short, it wasn’t a murder case after all as the reason why Sasaki-sensei kept Natsuko’s bones so he can be together with his beloved in death.

Moving onto the next scene, where Sakurako-san and Shoutarou find a music box underneath the birch tree. When they open the box…

…it contains what appears to be the remains of Natsuko Soune’s baby. Well actually, only the feet bones belonged to her child but there’s more truth to that matter.

In fact, Natsuko Soune didn’t bear a child out of wedlock as it turns out that the baby belonged to Sayuki Haruma.

Of course, her story of why her baby died is somewhat complicated. In fact, Sayuki fell in loved with an acquaintance of her father, but it turns out that the person she fell in love with have a family of his own and not to mention being arranged to marry a stranger.

Due to having so much grief that Sayuki gave birth to her baby prematurely and died, which is then followed by Natsuko burying her dead child. It’s a sad truth, but Sayuki-san still accepted it!

One last thing before I close this chapter as I found something interesting regarding the cat bones found at Meisei High.

It turns out Sakurako Kujou have two pet cats instead of one. The name of her other cat is Radius, and its bones was previously kept by Sasaki-sensei before Sakurako-san took its remains so she can re-assemble it. After all, it’s hers to begin with.

Oh and here’s a kicker to this as Shoutarou Tatewaki found out that Sakurako Kujou is an alumni of Meisei High, which was previously an all-girls school from ten years ago. Yeah, it’s a small world out there so thanks a lot Tatewaki for finding it out by yourself!

Well, it was a great and emotional episode! Tune in next time for more mysteries…

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