Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka?? Episode #08

Well, seems that Sharo is happy ironing her uniform. Even though she’s living in a shack that’s standing beside Ama Usa An, Sharo is making sure that she won’t live like a poor kid!

Then again, there’s Chiya-chan putting up a gloomy face, which scares the heck out of Sharo-chan!

Oh, and the reason why Chiya got that face is because she might get separated from Cocoa by putting to different classes.

Heck, even Cocoa got shocked by it! But you know what, I think they’ll stay in the same class during their sophomore years until graduation.

Meanwhile, here’s Rize-san and Maya-chan as they met “Blue Mountain” Aoyama. Seems normal, right?

Not when you have Chino-chan and Megu-chan tailing both of them.

Honestly, I feel that these two girls will be stalked by someone they know…

Like Chiya-chan and Cocoa-chan, who disguised themselves as detectives so they won’t get noticed easily.

Then again, they’ll get noticed right away with their creepy aura, which makes both Chino-chan and Megu-chan felt chills down to their spines!

Seriously Chiya and Cocoa, you’re creeping them out!

Eventually, they revealed themselves in front of both Maya-chan and Rize-san!

Well, that ends their stalking story…

With that said, all’s well that ends well on this week’s episode. At least no one got threatened by a real stalker.

Forget what I’ve said, seems that Tippy is tailing those girls…

…which is then followed by his son Takahiro. Oh boy, I think they should stop this stalker play or they might get arrested!

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