K: Return of Kings Episode #09

Remember this sexy female ninja from K: Missing Kings? Well, Douhan Hirasaka is not dead and instead being locked-up inside a prison governed by SCEPTER 4.

Of course, she’ll get out eventually…

Right now, it’s time for Episode 9 where Yashiro Isana is very busy after failing to stop JUNGLE from obtaining the Dresden Slates a month ago.

While people are gaining powers lately because of the Slates, the Silver King tries his best to stop Nagare Hisui’s plans by using his sister Klaudia Weismann’s research.

Meanwhile, Seri Awashima and Izumo Kusanagi are attending a JUNGLE party by pretending as a married couple. Honestly, they should settle down together…

…right after stopping JUNGLE from spreading powers across the world!

See, they’re a good match but it seems that their covert operation is over.

That’s because Seri-san and Izumo-san encountered Saruhiko Fushimi, who attained J-Rank in less than a month.

Well, he attained the highest rank by asking Hirasaka (after he set the ninja free) to transfer points onto his account. Yeah, that’s cheating but Nagare Hisui doesn’t mind that!

Like I said last episode, it’s gonna be hard for Coffee Table Alliance…

Back in SCEPTER 4, seems that Gouki Zenjou will join Reishi Munakata instead of being coop up inside the headquarters.

Despite losing one arm, Zenjou the Orge still has the edge as he demonstrates his iaido skills by cutting a bee in half! Anyways, see ya next episode…

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