Owarimonogatari Episode #09

Here’s Shinobu Oshino, minding her own business by swinging herself in a leisurely manner.

Of course, let’s not forget that there’s a threat looming around town…

…as Koyomi and Suruga encountered an apparition. And while I have to apologize for pointing it out that its right hand has a crab claw, it’s still has the monkey’s paw on its left.

That means, this special apparition combines every oddity that Koyomi encountered previously.

And obviously, it’s hard to crack on this monster, especially Suruga where her jacket got ripped.

Well, having Araragi-kun seeing Kanbaru’s exposed boobies got him motivated!

Therefore, Koyomi got his trusty sword “Kokoro Watari” from Shinobu and proceed to slay this abomination with a single slash.

Well, that’ll take care of that apparition…

…except that it’s still not over as the apparition summoned snakes to take both Koyomi and Suruga in hell.

Oh shit, this is gonna suck for these two!

Luckily, Shinobu-chan stepped in to deal the final blow as she crushed those snakes with her tiny hands!

See, there’s nothing to worry about when they have Shinobu Oshino on their side!

In any case, they pressed onto their destination where they met Izuko Gaen.

She said that while there’s confirmation that the samurai they encountered back in Ep. 7 was Shinobu’s first servant, Izuko revealed that the samurai didn’t completely die by exposing to sunlight 400 years ago. So therefore, Izuko said to both Koyomi and Suruga that while Shinobu’s first servant is still recovering, it’s very dangerous to defeat the vengeful samurai.

Well then, there’s three more episodes to go and I don’t know when will Shinobu put her samurai servant to eternal rest. I mean, her servant want his sword back!

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