The Asterisk War Episode #09

This is Dirk Eberwein, the student council president of Le Wolfe Black Institute who is here to pick up a certain troublemaker…

That happened to be Irene Urzaiz, one of the most strongest fighters in Le Wolfe’s roster who has a brash attitude. And the reason why she’s hostile towards Dirk Eberwein is because he held his sister captive.

So what her mission if you may ask? Well, Irene was ordered to destroy Ayato Amagiri at the Phoenix Festa as he wield one of the strongest Lux weapons around: the Ser-Veresta.

Speaking of the Phoenix Festa, it’s getting underway as Ayato made a good impression by dismantling his first round opponents without much effort!

Of course, Ayato does that as he and Princess Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld won’t reveal much of their strategy when fighting stronger opponents.

And speaking of stronger opponents, Arlequint Academy’s puppets make its debut by destroying their opponents, satisfying both Ernesta Kuhne and Camilla Pareto on the result.

Honestly, it’s gonna be hard for Seidoukan Academy’s representatives should they face AR-D “Aldy” and RM-C “Rimsi”. In any case, see ya next episode!

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