Aquarion Logos Episode #22

Well Akira Kaibuki, are you gonna mope around just because you failed as a savior after failing to save Maia Tsukigane and preventing Tsutomu Domon’s death?

Look, even Hayato Kujou is sick and tired of your bullshit!

Even so, Akira won’t comply and simply don’t care at all…

That’s until Kokone Kikogami slapped him in the face. Then again, seems that she and the rest of DEAVA won’t remember him at all!

Well, except for one and that’s Subete Kenzaki as he shut down the electricity using the power of MJBK.

Yeah, good luck finding some flashlight ’cause it’s useless because he distorted that word.

Oh and to make matters worse, everyone treated DEAVA as a terrorist group. Heck, even the kids joined along on hunting down the likes of Kokone Kikogami.

Seriously people, Subete wants to destroy modern civilization. But anyways, these kids are about to throw rocks at Kokone-chan…

…before someone threw a bigger rock onto the ground that turned into a sinkhole. What a way to mess things up!

Luckily, Kokone-chan is with those kids and she protected them. All she needs now is to call some help, but nobody can hear her cry!

So, she did the best thing by singing her heart out!

And then, a certain Akira Kaibuki came to the rescue. After all, he’s here to save lives and that’s his reason to exist!

But yes, I’m glad that he’s back from being a savior. Oh, and not to mention seeing Kokone-chan remember him instead of being completely forgotten!

Of course, there’s still a question of whether he’ll ceased to exist or not.

Meanwhile, Shouko Iwagami decides to stop moping for Tsutomu’s death and rise up to the challenge by talking to her father, who is a secretary from the Japanese government.

Not sure it’ll work though, but good luck to her!

And now, I end this episode with Kokone-chan kissing Akira to the lips. It was her first kiss, but will she remember it for eternity?

Well then, time to save Maia Tsukigane before it gets worse!

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