One Punch Man Episode #09

Here’s Genos as he arrived at the scene to save civilians…

…and beat the shit out of the Deep Sea King! Well, that was quick!

Just kidding, seems that the Deep Sea King got angrier instead of being defeated.

And look, Genos’ right arm is about to get ripped as the Deep Sea King punched him to the face!

Still, it doesn’t faze Genos as he continues his attack towards the Deep Sea King…

…until the enemy realized that it’s a good idea to melt annoying kids by spitting acid onto them. Damn, it’s so cruel!

But hey, Genos protected the little girl from having her body being reduced to mere bones.

But then again, Genos’ body was reduced to a mere mechanical/skeletal frame instead. Cover your eyes kids, you don’t wanna see Genos’ horrific state in a place like this!

Meanwhile, here’s Mumen Rider as he take on the Deep Sea King despite being the weakest hero around.

And yet Mumen Rider knows that he’s weak, but it’s better than not showing up as Mumen Rider doesn’t give up even if he’s facing a losing battle!

So yes, Mumen Rider faced the Deep Sea King without backing down. Of course, he couldn’t beat the enemy for being obviously weak!

But hey, Saitama told Mumen Rider that he did a good job as he save him from certain death.

I truly salute you Mumen Rider for your bravery, but it’s time to end the Deep See King’s reign…

…with a single punch by Saitama. Some people say that he’s a fraud, but at least he gets the job done!

And with that, Saitama moved up to B-Class which is a great achievement. Of course, people won’t even care about his accomplishments at all!

Well, except for a few people like Genos, Bang, and even Mumen Rider. In fact, he knows that Saitama is the strongest that he gives the bald hero a treat for saving him, as well as promoting to B-Class. Thanks, Mumen Rider!

In any case, see ya on the next episode where another new threat looms around the corner!

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  1. dyingearth says:

    Licenseless Rider is Superman, without the power. Saitama is Superman without a care of general society.

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