Hidan no Aria AA Episode #09

Let’s start this week’s episode where the Mamiya sisters are being assaulted by one of Riko Mine’s friends named Kyouchikutou.

Unfortunately, this is a flashback as well as a nightmare for Nonoka, which she doesn’t want to remember these horrific events.

On the other hand, why did their clan village got burned down? Did the Mamiya Clan possess dangerous skills that might undermine Riko’s organization? I guess we’ll never know!

For now, here’s Aria H. Kanzaki as she visits the Mamiya residence and stay there for the time being. And the reason why she went to Akari’s house is because Aria’s enemies are trying to ambush and kill her.

In any case, Akari is happy that her idol is staying at her house!

Well of course, seems that Akari’s house is crowded as her friends are staying over too!

Oh, and let’s not forget Urara Takachiho and Shino Sasaki as they’re getting jealous over Aria H. Kanzaki.

Sorry you two, but Akari prefers Aria-sempai and she’s oblivious to your feelings!

Speaking of Aria-sempai, here’s one of those times when she needs to take care of these thugs by disarming them.

C’mon, are you expecting her to kill those criminals outright? Not on Butei High!

Of course, she can’t fight these criminals by herself, so Aria gave Akari’s Colt Government 1911 pistol back to her.

Unfortunately, this is where Akari froze up to this crucial moment as it revealed that she might kill the criminal. I’m not saying that she might fatally shoot those thugs by accident as it’s revealed that Akari’s body was conditioned to kill people by instinct!

Yeah, that’s something Aria won’t like it at all. So therefore she decides not to make Akari Mayiya as her Amica, as her assassination might do more harm than good should Akari involved in dangerous missions together with Aria-sempai.

Anyways, things are not looking good for Akari as she not only got rejected by Aria-sempai, but she’s more vulnerable against Kyouchikutou. With that said, see ya next episode!

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