Akatsuki no Yona Episode #25

Guess who’s back? It’s Princess Yona and here’s a fanservice-laden episode dedicated to her.

What, are you expecting the princess in the nude? Not on this OVA though…

That’s because you’ll see naked men taking a dip at a hot springs in the middle of nowhere!

Ladies, you’re in luck on this episode!

Meanwhile, here’s Jae-ha inviting Ki-ja to join him and bathe together as fellow comrades.

Unfortunately, Ki-ja refused to do so because he has a secret that he can’t show it to the princess nor his fellow Dragon Warriors.

And that’s Ki-ja’s scar on his back, which Jae-ha put his clothes back on. Everyone, we’re getting serious on this extra episode in regards to Ki-ja’s past.

Turns out, Ki-ja got his scar from his father who is the previous White Dragon Warrior. This incident is very serious that the elders forbid Ki-ja to see his father.

Of course, Ki-ja wouldn’t like it so he sneak up from them and saw his father… who lost his powers and he’s about to die from being weary.

And so, Ki-ja hugged his father until the previous White Dragon Warrior breathed his last. I have to say that I wanna cry from watching this tear-jerking event in Ki-ja’s life.

While his back was eventually revealed in the end, Ki-ja’s scars will remind him of the struggles that the previous White Dragon Warriors face when they couldn’t find their king. But now that Ki-ja finally found Princess Yona, all their past regrets were finally paid off.

But that’s about it for this special episode of Akatsuki no Yona as Ki-ja has finally relaxing at the hot springs… together wiht Jae-ha and their pet squirrel Ao of course!

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