K: Return of Kings Episode #10

Oh look, Sukuna is getting jealous at Saruhiko for beating his fastest record of attaining J-Rank. Sorry Gojou-kun, but Fushimi will do anything to get what he wants!

Well everyone, looks like JUNGLE is about to start a revolution… by unlocking the Dresden Slates’ powers in order to grant ordinary humans with superpowers, something that either Daikaku Kokujouji or Reishi Munakata would oppose that!

Speaking of Reishi Munakata, he was fired after failing to stop Nagare Hisui and his pals from stealing the Dresden Slates. Well, it’s understandable that he takes responsibility for his actions.

On the other hand, SCEPTER 4 is in chaos now that they’re being held by the Japanese government, which they’re now in cahoots with JUNGLE. Damn those bureaucrats!

So, what’s the option for the Coffee Table Alliance? Well, Yashiro Isana suggested that he should destroy the Slates, but Munakata somewhat opposed that plan. C’mon Reishi, there’s a low chance of controlling the Slates in an orderly manner now that the Slates are being activated by Hisui and Iwa-san!

Meanwhile, Yashiro Isana brought something interesting as he come up a new emblem from their clan.

Oh, and they’re finally call themselves as HAKUMAITOU which translates to “White Rice Party”. I wonder who came up with that ridiculous name?

Well, it’s Kuroh who came up with that name HAKUMAITOU! No wonder it felt so gross when I hear the Silver Clan’s name.

In any case, time is running out for the Coffee Table Alliance now that JUNGLE’s revolution has begun!

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