The Asterisk War Episode #10

Here’s Irene Urzaiz as she roam free to do whatever she wants, like beating up thugs with ease!

Then again, Irene was kept on her leash by her sister Priscilla, which she was released by Dirk Eberwein for some odd reason.

Whatever happens, it’s a good thing that Irene won’t be going on a rampage outside the Phoenix Festa tournament.

Speaking of the Phoenix Festa, Princess Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld did her best on the second round without revealing much of her overall strategy with Ayato Amagiri!

But hey, she did a great job that Ayato patted her head just like Saya-chan and Kirin-chan.

Yeah, Ayato sure made her blush by putting his hand and stroke her head gently!

In any case, I end this post as Irene Urzaiz bites her sister’s neck and suck blood like a vampire. Yeah, that’s terrible for this Tyrant Princess!

On the other hand, it’s revealed that Irene’s Orge Lux named Gravi-Sheath is powered by blood, while Priscilla Urzaiz can heal her wounds faster via her regenerative ability. Basically, she’s tougher to crack as she can drink blood from her sister without suffering anemia.

Well then, let’s hope that Princess Julis and Ayato can beat the Tyrant Vampire Princess in the last two episodes!

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