Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid Episode #08

Hey guys, here’s Episode 8 as Rain Hasumi and Lady J are investigating a spot in Mermaid Island together with Mirei-san, Mamori-chan, and Mei-Fon.

Of course, the reason why they’re investigating is because Akira Hiiragi said so. C’mon, Akira wanted to get herself and the rest of the girls out of Mermaid Island!

Anyways, let’s start the episode rolling as both ladies are making it out, turning Rain into a cannon for Lady J.

And then, she fired it for no apparent reason. Well actually, Lady J is just testing her Arm by destroying a rock formation!

Moving on to the scene as they went to the deepest parts of Mermaid Island, revealing to be a factory of some sort. Just hope that Walter won’t find this place and destroy it!

So while they’re finding clues and other information on how to get out of Mermaid Island…

…the girls were attacked by a security robot. Well actually, they were assaulted by an artificial Arm which were created by using human parts that were infected by the Armed Virus.

Yeah, that’s something Mirei would get sick of it as Shikishima knows it too well before she came to Mermaid Island!

Of course, it’s dangerous to fight this artificial Arm for now, so Lady J fired her cannon to distract the enemy so that both Mirei and Mamori-chan can escape by diving into the water…

In any case, they managed to get away from the artificial Arm! And while you enjoy seeing them rub their naked bodies to warm themselves, their refuge is short-lived…

When the artificial Arm ambushed both Mirei and Mamori-chan. Mamori tried to get aroused by Mirei so she could become a weapon for this battle.

But then, Mirie Shikishima said to Mamori Tokonome to stay away and run as fast as she can.

So with no Arm to use, Mirei resorted to her brute strength by altering herself!

It did work for a while by stalling the artificial Arm with punches and throws. However…

…the artificial Arm’s power overwhelmed Mirei that she was stabbed and beaten until her clothes got ripped. Yeah, that’s horrible!

It wasn’t until Mamori-chan returned to protect her friend from being killed. Of course, given that she’s not good at fighting, Mamori the Virgin might get herself killed instead!

But then, something weird has happened when Mamori-chan was engulfed in a strange light…

…which she then transforms into a different weapon. Wow Mamori-chan, you got two blades on both ends!

It turns out, Mamori’s transformation into a different weapon was caused by a phenomenon called Valkyrie Effect, which an Externe evolved into a stronger Arm under harsh circumstances.

In any case, Mirei defeated the artificial Arm thanks to Mamori’s new power. They exerted so much force together…

…that Mei-Fon and Rain Hasumi noticed it. Well, that sure felt it down to their spines!

Unfortunately, Mirei passed-out due to using Mamori’s new weapon form! On the other hand, the underground factory is about to blow up…

So with that said, it’s time to skidaddle towards the surface because no one’s gonna stay there and die. Oh, and it’s sucks that they didn’t found a way to get out of Mermaid Island!

Well then, I’ll see ya on the next episode!

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