Aquarion Logos Episode #23

Well, here’s Shouko Iwagami as she’s here to talk to her father who is a politician.

The problem is that she can’t convince her father to stop criminalizing DEAVA, since he’s being controlled by Subete Kenzaki.

So she resorted to hugging her father, which dissipates Subete’s control over him.

By the way, it turns out that Shouko can absorb MJBK’s powers, which is very surprising and far more important for DEAVA. C’mon, having Vector-Ga devouring a MJBK is dangerous that it costs much of Akira Kaibuki’s existence!

In any case, let’s move onto Episode 23 where Hayato Kujou made a rousing speech, revealing to the people of Asagaya that they’re protecting the modern world from being destroyed as well as remembering his dear friend and comrade Tsutomu Domon!

Gotta say, all of his time spent with DEAVA have finally paid off! C’mon, somebody make a round of applause to this man right here!

That rousing speech snapped Akira Kaibuki back into action as he piloted the Vector-Ga once more! Oh, and he’s not alone for that matter…

In addition to kokone, Karan, and Hayato-kun, Shouko Iwagami is joining in as well by piloting Tsutomu’s Vector-4!

Even in death, Tsutomu’s smiles still support Shouko to the fullest!

Meanwhile, Subete put Maia into a chamber where he put real memories onto her, something of an aversion unlike Nobuyuki Sugou’s method which I don’t want to remember it!

By the way, Subete still has complete control over the electricity MJBK, meaning that he used it to power up this memory-altering contraption. But on the same time, the fact that Akira Kaibuki is facing that MJBK might get influenced by it.

Anyways, it turns out that Maia Tsukigane was not only created from Nesta’s flesh to destroy modern civilization, but she actually met Akira Kaibuki when she was young.

Oh yeah and while Akira was originally a replacement to Subete should Sougon failed to unlock his powers, the reason why Akira wanted to become a savior in the first place was because of her. No wonder they’re compatible with each other!

But now that the truth has finally revealed, Akira Kaibuki has more reason to save Maia Tsukigane as he made a dashing comeback…

…by combining all five Vectors into one! Would it be nice if Maia joined the party, but she’s held captive right now!

With that said, a new Aquarion form was born and it’s shaped like a centaur. Its name is Aquarion Deava!

And now, Akira and his comrades finally defeated the electricity MJBK by lunging it with a spear.

So while the concept of electricity is returning to its original form, it’s still not yet over as Akira and the rest of DEAVA must rescue Maia in time before activating Aquarion Logos!

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