Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka?? Episode #09

Let’s start this episode where Chino-chan visits Ama Usa An for a cup of green tea with Chiya-chan!

But you know what, even though they’re getting friendly in recent years, both Rabbit House and Ama Usa An were fierce rivals in the cafe business yet there’s no indication of why it got started in the first place.

Well then, why not have Rize-san interrogate Chiya’s childhood friend Sharo-chan… with melon bread!

What, are you expecting a fascist-style interrogation? Not on this Manga Time Kirara anime title (except for Gakkou Gurashi and Yumekui Merry)!

Then again, Sharo is just imagining things when she’s with Rize-sempai, so she decides to answer her question… by hitting herself with a serving tray in order to remember something.

I don’t think it’ll work though, Sharo-chan!

Just kidding, she did remember something… about why Chiya put weird names in her menu in the first place. Well, it turns out that Sharo-chan was the main cause when she and Chiya-chan went to Rabbit House and look at the menu.

Of course, having “Cappuccino” and “Kilimanjaro” in the menu isn’t weird, it’s just that kids couldn’t pronounce nor remember those complicated names yet.

With that said, it’s all in the past now for both Rabbit House and Ama Usa An. I mean, they collaborated previously…

Oh, and Chino-chan is working at Ama Usa An for three days. Man, she looks good in her kimono uniform, of course there’s something missing…

Oh yeah, Chino needs Anko on top of her head. She sure looks complete, but Tippy would be jealous at Anko!

Meanwhile, here’s Chiya’s grandmother who currently owns Ama Usa An and she’s also a fierce rival to Chino’s grandfather.

Come to think of it, I have a feeling that Chiya’s granny would possess Anko once she passed away. It would be hilarious to see her interact with Tippy, who houses Chino’s grandfather currently!

Moving onto Rabbit House where Maya-chan is working there for three days. And looks, she looks adorable when Maya has Tippy on top of her head!

Yeah, Cocoa wants to hug Maya-chan so much like a little sister. Not surprising since she wants to have little sisters and become a reliable older sister just like Mocha-san!

And finally, here’s Megu-chan as she’s working at Fleur de Lapin for three days!

C’mon, these kids want to experience working until they’re ready (although Chino-chan worked the longest compared to her friends).

On the other hand, seems that Sharo-chan was dazzled on Megu’s cute appearance!

I have a feeling that Chiya-chan would be sad that there’s someone working alongside her friend Sharo.

But don’t worry as Sharo-chan brought a spare uniform to have Chiya-chan try it out. She looks stunning fortunately…

Heck, even Chiya liked it so much that she wants to work at Fleur de Lapin during her day-off. Too bad though as Sharo-chan won’t like seeing her work there as the uniform is too tight for Chiya-chan!

You know what, would it be better if Sharo brought another uniform that suits Chiya well instead of her spare one? But anyways, that’s it for this week’s episode of GochiUsa Season 2!

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