One Punch Man Episode #00

Saitama, the man who defeats his opponents with a single punch started as nothing more than an ordinary person, who still has hair and trains himself by doing push-ups and sit-ups!

At that time, he’s not as invincible as you think as Saitama sometimes struggled on beating foes…

On the other hand, Saitama has a supporter who always patch-up his jersey when battling villain. Of course, Saitama’s track suit always snags most of the time!

So, the old tailor did something special for Saitama…

…by wearing a costume fitting for a hero. Um mister, I think that having Saitama wearing that might be a pain in the ass to sew it back together!

Anyways, the town is getting silent lately as this thug from the Niya Niya Loans is harassing people by letting them pay the rent! One store fell victim to their nasty work is Saitama’s favorite tailor shop.

But you know what, Saitama will just beat those thugs up…

After all, he’s being a hero just for the heck of it! Look at his face, he’s serious when he arrived at the enemy headquarters.

Oh, and it turns out that it was actually a low-rent apartment where Saitama resides (and he has to pay up his rent or he’ll be kicked out).

So yeah, he’s gonna beat the shit out of these guys… off-screen! Why Madhouse, why!?

So after beating up thugs at the apartment, Saitama finally reached the head honcho of Niya Niya Loans.

Unfortunately, instead of beating this bad guy up the old fashion way, Saitama resolved it in a civil manner by convincing the boss to give back the papers to its rightful owner and re-open the shop.

Um Saitama, I think you should beat the guy up instead!

That’s because the head honcho of Niya Niya Loans has transformed into a monster. But come to think of it, this bastard looked like a total pervert to me!

Anyways, looks like Saitama has an opponent to test his strength. But you know what, he’ll just beat him up off-screen again… Why do you have to resort this, Madhouse?

But what’s important that all of those troublemakers have been taken care off by Saitama. I guess it’s time to pay up the rent now that Saitama got the reward, right?

Not on this old granny as it turns out that she’s the mastermind to all of this. Wow, no wonder she pestered Saitama on paying up the rent!

Then again, he doesn’t need to as Saitama got the boot. Wonder what happened to this bad granny after kicking Saitama out?

Anyways, Saitama became a homeless guy. Of course, he doesn’t like this place to begin with so he begins his search on finding a new home…

…but not until visiting the old guy from the tailor shop, who decides to close the shop as he’s too old to make clothes. Well, it’s understandable considering his age that he’s wearing a wig to cover his baldness!

On the other hand, I wonder if that’s the reason why Saitama became a balded superhero in the first place? Who knows…

In any case, the old tailor gave Saitama his iconic suit inspired by Anpanman as a thank you gift for saving his town. Don’t worry Saitama, you’ll get used to that suit eventually!

And that’s how Saitama became a hero in One-Punch Man. Of course, seems that Genos wanted to give his master a new set of clothes which Saitama refused. C’mon Genos, his suit has sentimental value to it!

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