Owarimonogatari Episode #10

Hey everyone, it’s Izuko Gaen as she tells both Araragi-kun and Shinobu-chan that it’s their fault for bringing those apparitions and other oddities in their town!

Well actually, Shinobu Oshino got the biggest responsibility as the ashes of her first servant spread across the town, hence having those apparitions appear and possess the likes of Hitagi Senjougahara, Tsubasa Hanekawa, and Koyomi’s little sisters.

Oh yeah, and Shinobu’s first servant was the one who destroyed the North Shirahebi Shrine, a place where it prevents apparitions from roaming free and cause trouble.

While priests tried to rebuild the shrine, it was hopeless for them as Shinobu and her servant are so powerful that rebuilding it is useless when they can attract swarms of minions.

In any case, it’s up to Araragi-kun and Shinobu-chan to clean up their mess on their hometown! Oh, and don’t expect having Yotsugi Ononoki to help them out… except for Yozuru Kagenui in which she can lend them a hand as long as they don’t tick her off!

For now, the sun is rising up and it’s time to buy some breakfast for Koyomi, Suruga, and Shinobu-chan.

By the way, while she’s enjoying her time with the cute vampire, Suruga asked Koyomi to buy the latest volume of her favorite BL light novel series and also a bra to cover her still-developing chest!

With that, Araragi-kun agreed to buy Kanbaru’s goods…

Of course, he has to face this mysterious person, who happened to be Shinobu’s first servant surprisingly enough!

Oh boy, things are about to go out of control for the last two episodes…

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