One Punch Man Episode #10

Oh look, it’s Tornado as she’s sent on a mission…

…to destroy a giant dinosaur. While I’m happy to see her again, the only way to stop this monster is by dropping a meteor on it, which Tornado did so.

After all, she can control all kinds of weather so sending a meteor is a piece of cake for Tornado-chan!

Anyways, she was invited by the Hero Association together with other S-Class Heroes to stop a threat. In addition to Puri-Puri Prisoner, “Silver Fang” Bang, and Genos, you have the likes of Zombieman, Metal Bat, Atomic Samurai, and Child Emperor.

Oh and while Saitama is just joining in for this gathering, all of the S-Class Heroes have finally assembled… Well, except for BLAST and Metal Knight in which they’re absent for personal reasons. Geez, I wonder if they’re interested in saving people?

By the way, as for the big threat itself? It will happen in the next six months so they got plenty of time to prepare!

Just kidding, seems that it’s already happening right now! And by the way, these invaders from outer space just obliterated 99.8% of City A in an instant.

Basically, you need to run away and- Wait, humanity is already doomed now that hostile aliens have arrived!

So while the heroes are in panic mode on how to deal with this menace, Saitama just went inside the spaceship and kick some alien asses there!

On the other hand, will Saitama have a challenging foe to beat instead of another easy match? We’ll find out next week…

…when he reaches the final boss! Can’t wait for Saitama to get serious on this strong foe!

PS: You may click here for a panoramic view of the S-Class Heroes (plus Saitama).

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  1. Sunite says:

    Hype is real!!! I can’t wait for the next episode!

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