Anti-Magic Academy “The 35th Test Platoon” Episode #10

Here’s something you should be looking forward to it! Just kidding, I’m afraid that it’s gonna get worse in the final three episodes of Anti-Magic Academy “The 35th Test Platoon”.

Anyways, this is Kiseki Kusanagi, Takeru’s little sister who’s currently placed under maximum security… for being a walking disaster. Yeah, when she walks outside, dangerous stuff happens that Kiseki claimed many lives due to her unstable power!

Speaking of Takeru, he’s not feeling well lately because of taking many missions that his body might collapse!

Of course, he’s doing it to see his sister Kiseki when she needed someone to talk. Anyways…

Kiseki will get her time in a worst way as she escaped from her prison.

While she’s being drugged countless times by Sougetsu Ohtori and his staff to suppress her powers, it seems that it doesn’t work this time around as Kiseki doesn’t want to be left out alone!

In any case, it seems that Takeru and the 35th Test Platoon will have to hide her identity from hostile inquisitors for the time being.

If it doesn’t work, Takeru has no other choice but to kill his sister as Kiseki requested it to do so should her powers become unstable at any moment. Yeah, it’s gonna be cruel for next week’s episode and the finale afterwards!

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