Hidan no Aria AA Episode #10

Well, something terrible happened to Aria H. Kanzaki as she got a big gung-ho and got badly hurt because of it!

Yeah, that shocked Akari much in regards to her role-model! So, I wonder who’s responsible for this attack?

Why it’s none other than Kyouchikutou as she wants Akari to join her side, something that she’d refused after this incident. And by the way, there’s more reason to why she wanted Akari in the first place.

In addition to her assassination skill that’s vital for the organization I-U, Kyouchikutou wanted to get her hands of the formula Takamakuri in which she’s a connoisseur to various poisons around the world.

Speaking of poisons, Kyouchikutou injected a Fuchou poison onto Nonoka two years ago to add more pressure onto Akari.

Hence, you see her sister collapsed just as Nonoka is about to go to her aunt’s house.

Now, the effects is starting to take effect and she’ll die in a few days by taking her senses away. Yeah, that’s so cruel!

And with that said, Akari has no choice but to join to the enemy to save her sister…

But then, Aria-sempai showed up (despite having a head injury) and refused her decision as she believed that Akari can confront Kyouchikutou without killing her. Oh, and Akari isn’t alone when she has buddies like Shino Sasaki, Raika Hino, and Urara Takachiho backing her up!

In any case, I’ll be looking forward for Akari Mamiya defeating Kyouchikutou and saving her sister Nonoka on the next episode!

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