Heavy Object Episode #10

By the way, I heard that you wanna see her do pole-dancing right? Well here you go!

So after a one-week break, Heavy Object returns where Frolaytia’s ragtag crew from the Legitimate Kingdom are in South America to destroy a stealth Object belonging to the Mass Driver Conglomerate.

Speaking of the Mass Driver Conglomerate, they got angry at the Capital Enterprise for choosing orbital elevators over their technology for space transportation.

Once more, there’s a catch on this mission as they have to destroy the enemy Object quickly from this man named Halreed Copacabana, who’s piloting the latest Object from the Legitimate Kingdom code-named “Bright Hopper”.

While he’s obviously an Elite and he came from a noble family, Halreed Copacabana is at odds with Frolaytia Capistrano. Whether she’s engaged with this bastard or being just rivals is up to the author.

For now, looks like it’s gonna be a race between Milinda Brantini’s Baby Magnum against Halreed Copacabana’s Bright Hopper.

Whoever destroyed the enemy Object first would alter Legitimate Kingdom’s overall strategy. In any case, may the best Object wins on the next episode!

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