K: Return of Kings Episode #11

Well, those students from Ashinaka High School are having horrible flashbacks when both HOMRA and SCEPTER 4 are fighting at their campus!

However, with Nagare Hisui having complete control over the Dresden Slates, it’ll be a matter of time for those kids…

…to develop powers of their own. Sooner or later, Ashinaka High School will descend into chaos as students couldn’t control it and might injure their fellow classmates.

This includes Kukuri Yukizome in which she got powers too thanks to the Slates.

Fortunately though, Yashiro Isana calmed Kukuri down and told her to do the same for the students at Ashinaka High School. C’mon, having a calm school campus is way better than being outside of it!

Meanwhile, here’s the sly Green clansman Saruhiko Fushimi who decides to betray JUNGLE by opening a gate towards their headquarters, so that clans like HAKUMAITOU, HOMRA, and SCEPTER 4 can infiltrate and retrieve the Slates!

For some reason, I think Fushimi should become a King and make his own clan instead of joining various clans, which he’ll betray them eventually. But you know what, thanks to Saruhiko’s actions that JUNGLE’s plan might get interrupted.

So much that Sukuna Gojou is very glad that he can finish Fushimi off for being a traitorous bastard!

Then again, I don’t think Sukuna can kill Saruhiko easily though…

Speaking of SCEPTER 4, they decided to disobey their standby orders and head towards the city to calm the situation, after seeing their former captain Reishi Munakata heading towards the source of the Dresden Slates’ power.

Of course, it wouldn’t be possible without Seri Awashima’s resignation as she’s sick of not doing anything! She’s still going to fight alongside her former comrades however.

In any case, I’ll end this episode where it’s Round 2 between Reishi Munakata…

…and Tenkei Iwafune. While Munakata has Gouki Zenjou at his side, it seems that Zenjou the Orge would be the spectator for this battle on the next episode!

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