The Asterisk War Episode #11

Oh Ayato-kun, you sure are lucky when you have Claudia Enfield sitting beside you.

But unfortunately, he couldn’t notice her affection as Ayato Amagiri and Princess Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld are preparing for their next battle!

Said next battle happened to be the Urzaiz sisters, which Ayato somewhat met Priscilla by accident and rescued her from thugs belonging to Le Wolfe Academy.

You know what, Le Wolfe Academy do nothing but trouble under Dirk Eberwein’s leadership! In any case, what counts is that Ayato rescued Priscilla despite being enemies.

So much that she invited him for dinner together with Princess Julis. Man, having a dinner between rival teams is somewhat unsettling, considering that Irene Urzaiz was ordered by Dirk Eberwein to destroy Ayato’s Ser-Veresta in order to clear her debt from him.

Then again, Irene told Ayato about it and added that the reason why she order to destroy Ser-Veresta is because Dirk considered the Orge Lux as a thorn especially the previous Ser-Veresta wielder, which is Haruka Amagiri.

In any case, there’s nothing holding back for Ayato Amagiri now that he finally know the truth. Well, only a part of it!

And now, I end this post as Ayato-kun was suddenly attacked by Claudia Enfield. Well, the reason why she attacked Ayato Amagiri is because of her Orge Lux named Pan-Dora taking control of her unconscious body.

Another info about Pan-Dora is that Claudia is experiencing death during her nightmare, something that the previous owners would go insane after 3 days using Claudia’s Orge Lux.

Luckily, he managed to snapped Claudia back to reality, although it’s a bit awkward for her being on top of Ayato-kun.

Anyways, final episode next week and I hope A-1 Pictures would salvage Asterisk War before returning this series in April 2016!

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