Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid Episode #09

Hey guys, we have a new character on this episode named Momoka Sagara, who came to Mermaid Island in the same way as Mirei Shikishima.

I wonder if she came from Mirei’s former organization?

Oh and she befriended Charlotte Scherzen easily that Momoka became an Arm for Charlotte. How nice for that bitch to have a powerful Externe like Momoka.

And by the way, Momoka deduced Akira Hiiragi’s true identity that the governor is actually a female. God, I have a bad feeling about this…

…as Akira Hiiragi was challenged by Charlotte Scherzen to become the new Governor of Mermaid Island.

Speaking of Charlotte, she’s confident that her new Arm would win this duel!

Then again, Akira’s Artificial Arm named Sri can stop Charlotte without a sweat. Unfortunately, she didn’t give up…

…as Charlotte becomes serious that this bitch used her trump card by firing a laser from her Arm!

Then again, Sri managed to block her attack. And then, things get even more serious…

…as Akira unlocks Sri’s true powers. Yeah, the Governor means business on this battle!

Therefore, Charlotte Scherzen went down like a bitch as her Arm got broke! Well, that was an easy win for Akira Hiiragi…

…except that the Governor didn’t subdue Momoka Sagara completely as she has one final trump card.

By assimilating Charlotte’s unconscious body, Momoka turned herself into a massive cannon!

I hope that Sri can block this one just like last time.

But it didn’t happen for the second time as Sri was destroyed, and so was Akira Hiiragi in which the Governor was sent flying until falling down to the ground!

And then, Akira’s true identity was finally revealed in the most humiliating manner ever! Momoka Sagara, you fuckin’ bitch!

Well guys, things are looking grim at Mermaid Island now that Charlotte Scherzen became the new Governor! *sigh*

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