Aquarion Logos Episode #24

Well guys and girls, seems that this episode begins with a special story reading about what happened 12,000 years ago.

It was a tragic tale of two lovers from opposite sides. One is Nesta from the Truth Tribe…

…and the other is Kiryu from the Writing Tribe, which I believe that he’s Akira Kaibuki’s ancestor.

It was love at first sight and they fell for each other that it transcends into the creation of Aquarion Logos, but both tribe did not accept their love.

So, the Truth Tribe created Vector-Ga that devours word concepts and destroys Aquarion Logos, capturing and executing both Nesta and Kiryu.

Even though the Truth Tribe made Vector-Ga to defeat the Writing Tribe, it seems that the cursed Vector that destroy legends wasn’t used in the end as the Writing Tribe claimed victory and the rest was history.

Ironically though, seems that Nesta is using Aquarion Logos to carry her revenge against modern civilization while Akira Kaibuki uses the Vector-Ga to protect it at the cost of his existence.

And so, Akira carries forward his duty as a savior despite losing his existence. Of course, he’ll have to do it by himself…

…when Kaibuki faced Subete Kenzaki in a final showdown to determine the fate of the whole world! Of course, Subete needed Maia Tsukigane to complete Aquarion Logos.

In any case, the next episode would be an epic battle between Aquarion Deava and Aquarion Logos!

Let’s hope that Shoji Kawamori can deliver this grand showdown!

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