Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka?? Episode #10

理世のバスケ – The Basketball Which Rize Plays

Ah Rize Tedeza, she’s considered an ace of many talents ranging from basketball to softball (except for swimming).

So much that Sharo-chan felt that she’s out of reach towards Rize-san! That’s sad…

But hey, there’s good news for her as Sharo helped Rize-sempai on doing various club activities.

C’mon, Rize can’t do it by herself so having Sharo managing her activities is a plus!

Oh, and they got a chance to do cosplay together at the Dressmaking Club. Of course, Rize being dressed as an officer from a fascist country reminds me of that interrogation scene from Episode 9.

On the other hand, Sharo-chan has something to show to Rize-sempai, although she’s somewhat not confident when Sharo fires a dart from a blowgun.

Look, she’s slightly shaking that Rize might join the blowgun club if they lose this match!

Then again, she made a bull’s eye including this third shot on a smaller target! Damn, I knew that Sharo Kirima is so terrifying when wielding a blowgun!

Heck, even the blowgun club president couldn’t believe it! In any case, Rize Tedeza is safe and it seems that the club president said something regarding a mysterious person called Miss Emerald.

And speaking of Miss Emerald, it’s said that she’s a wandering student named Midori who help out other clubs in her spare time, apart from skipping her activities at the literature club.

Back at Rabbit House, Aoyama-san is taking her break while sipping a cup of her favorite Blue Mountain coffee.

Then again, I think she should work on her next novel…

…as Aoyama’s editor appeared to put her back to work. Yeah, sucks for Aoyama-san!

So while she’s being dragged away, I would like to tell you about Miss Emerald. It turns out that the name Midori was actually “Blue Mountain” Aoyama’s real name!

It’s no wonder that she’s always wandering around town, but at least Aoyama’s mystery has finally revealed!

And now, I end this post as Cocoa-chan was invited by Rize-san for a camping trip at the mountains.

This includes Chino-chan in which it was her first time going outdoors together with Maya and Megu, plus Sharo-chan and Chiya-chan! Of course, she won’t have Tippy at her side for the time being…

In any case, I hope that next episode will show what happened on their camping trip!

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    Syaro is exceptionally godly in this ep… SHIT 2 EPS LEFT

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