Highschool DxD BorN Episode #13

Remember this scene from the first season? Well, Rias Gremory wanted to have sex with Issei Hyoudou just to break off the engagement. Good thing it got better after the finale of Season 1!

Of course, I’m not gonna talk about Season 1 as I’m going to talk about a certain douchebag from the Phenex family…

Remember Takehito Koyasu’s character? Well, Riser Phenex is back and he got so pathetic after his loss to Issei. So much that Rise became a hikikomori as he’s scared of dragons!

Now first of all, I have to apologize for rushing the last 5 episodes of Highschool DxD Season 1. However, I’ve recently revised my post on Episodes 8 to 12 for this occasion so please check it out.

But you know what, even though Riser won during the Rating Game just because he’s a high-class devil, there’s one thing he should learn one thing: respecting people.

Of course, the fact that his arrogance and constant berating of Issei cost him dearly… and that happened during the engagement party.

So yes, it was his fault for being cocky and relying his immortality on this occasion. And you know what, his family acknowledges that they’re not so absolute after witnessing Issei beating up their asshole son Riser.

In any case, it’s a done deal in the first season. However by the time Riser Phenex reappeared on this episode, Issei Hyoudou already reached Balance Breaker and he became powerful at this point compared to previous seasons. Basically, Riser somewhat lagged behind.

So with that said, Issei-kun come up with an idea to put Riser back in shape… by contacting Tannin and train this bastard until he’s back to his feet!

After all, Issei went to that same ordeal back in Episode 2 and he got used to it eventually. Not for Riser though…

I mean, look at him running around and screaming like a little girl when he’s being chased by a dragon who shoots ice that never melts with fire!

C’mon Riser, suck it up and keep running!

On the other hand, here’s the rest of the Occult Research Club as they’re relaxing at the hot springs nearby. This is pretty much the only time you see exposed boobies coming from Rossweisse…

…as well as both Irina-chan and Xenovia. Sorry Riser, but you won’t see these naked girls!

Back at Tannin’s territory, Issei-kun and Ravel are having a tea break after the Red Dragon Emperor finished his training regimen. While Ravel is enjoying her time with Issei despite the cold weather, I feel that Ravel’s brother is getting jealous over this.

While she’ll be joining with Rias-sempai and Akeno-san in the hot springs later, Ravel would like to attend Kuoh Academy as a first-year student since she wanted to be with Issei-kun. I hope that she can make friends with other freshmen like Koneko-chan and Gasper-kun!

Anyways, let’s move onto the scene…

…where Riser Phenex escaped to see Rias and Akeno’s naked bodies at the hot springs. That bastard, he sure wants to see boobies badly!

Well, it’s up to Issei Hyoudou to stop that lech from reaching his goal by donning his Scale Mail. Good thing he can fly with his devil wings!

Thank goodness for Issei on attaining Balance Breaker ’cause it’ll be a long walk towards the hot springs!

Glad that he finally catch up with Riser and damn, it’s gonna be a long battle ahead as they’re in equal footing compared to their previous encounters.

You know what, Riser felt the same way as Issei as he want to see naked tits badly after training his ass off!

Of course, it’s not like the Red Dragon Emperor would get this lech a free pass or anything! C’mon, who you like Riser seeing Rias’ breasts, as well as Akeno-san’s massive tits too? You’ll obviously get mad!

So, Issei tricked Riser by pointing out that there’s raw breasts nearby which distracts this bastard much!

And then, Issei knocked Riser out with a kick to the neck. Well, that’s sucks for this lech…

…so much that he’s out cold afterwards. Well, it’s Issei Hyoudou: 2 – Riser Phenex: 1!

On the other hand, seems that it’s the right time for Issei to see naked girls!

Look at them, they don’t mind being seen by Issei in the nude. Well, except for one and I’m not talking about Koneko-chan nor Irina for that matter…

It’s none other than Ravel Phenex as she doesn’t like being seen. Nice boobies by the way!

But that’s about it for Episode 13 of Highschool DxD BorN. I’m glad that I’ve read this short-story from Volume 13 beforehand as TNK made adapted it well.

Kudos to them for making an awesome “Unressurected Phoenix” short-story adaptation. C’mon, it’s different from previous OVAs which mostly featured fanservice!

Oh yeah and as for Riser Phenex, he’ll break off the engagement so Rias Gremory is safe in Issei’s hands. Of course, he insists on seeing her boobies.

And that’s why I still hate him to this day ’cause he’s damn annoying! Cut it out Riser, you have your own harem to look at!

Now then, where’s Season 4 where I’ve finished reading 18 volumes of Highschool DxD!?

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