One Punch Man Episode #11

Well, I believe that these S-Class Heroes can take care of Melzalgald. I mean, they can find a way to beat this monster!

Anyways, it’s the penultimate episode where Saitama mowed those aliens down inside the Dark Matter spaceship…

…eventually reaching the boss of the invaders, Lord Boros! As you can see, the Dominator of the Universe is bored of invading various planets because he’s powerful.

That’s until a seer told him that there’s someone who can match his strength. And you know what, I think that Boros has finally found a strong warrior!

But then again, Saitama just beat Lord Boros with a single punch! That’s boring, moving onto the final episode then…

Except that Lord Boros wasn’t defeated as he’s getting started… and this ain’t his final form!

Well, that’s sucks! But hey, at least Saitama won’t get bored on battling against the Dominator of the Universe on the finale of One-Punch Man!

See ya next week then!

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