Yuruyuri San☆Hai! Episode #11

Well, it’s awkward for Yui Funami to control her laughter after hearing Ayano Sugiura’s lame puns!

Then again, she’s fond of hearing those puns most of the time like in the previous two seasons.

Meanwhile, here’s Chinatsu-chan as she wants to attend school to see Yui-sempai badly. C’mon, Chinatsu is Yui’s number one admirer!

Unfortunately, she got a fever and her big sister Tomoko wants her to stay home and take a rest.

Then again, Chinatsu went to school anyway despite her sickness!

But come to think of it, she’s somewhat amazing when Chinatsu is having a fever like cooking gourmet food.

Heck, her drawing is better instead of being abominations. You know what, I think Chinatsu had enough and she needs to take a rest seriously!

Well it’s time for me to say good-bye and see you next week for the finale, as I end this episode with the girls going to see the cherry blossom tree.

But wait, where’s TOSHINO KYOUKO!?

Oh, she’s sleeping at the viewing spot… where she found it before the break of dawn.

How thoughtful she is but Kyouko should be careful against drunken molesters and whatnot in the middle of the night!

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