Hidan no Aria AA Episode #11

Kyouchikutou, the poison connoisseur who single-handedly beat Akari’s friends by poisoning them, is weilding a Gatling gun ’cause why not.

God, now she’s playing unfairly! But yes, Kyouchikutou is doing it so she can get her hands of Akari’s secret Takamakuri poison…

…starting by unleashing lead onto Shino Sasaki. While her uniform can take most of the bullets, seems that she was overpowered that Shino’s prized nodachi was destroyed and got knocked out!

Yeah, Akari-chan was devastated that her friends were defeated and her sister Nonoka is about to succumbed to the Fuchou poison.

At this point, Akari Mamiya would just give up… or is it?

Turns out, she’s not gonna back down on Kyouchikutou as Akari will fight and arrest her without resorting to lethal force.

Oh, and Akari is ready to use what she learned from her mother and Aria-sempai. And by the way, about the Takamakuri poison? Turns out that it wasn’t a poison after all as Akari Mamiya will use electricity as seen from Episode 5 to disable or even kill her opponent.

Since Akari is a butei who can’t kill criminals, she destroys the Gatling gun and strips Kyouchikutou to her bare essentials.

In any case, Akari successfully arrested her first criminal without killing it!

But anyways, it’s all over and it’s time to celebrate! Unfortunately, there’s one more episode to go as Kyouchikutou warned Akari and her friends that she has reinforcements coming up…

See this girl piloting that mecha? That’s Kyouchikutou’s big sister Suimitsutou!

Damn, Akari and her friends are celebrating and this happens!

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