Heavy Object Episode #11

Halreed Copacabana, the pilot of the Legitimate Kingdom’s latest Object who believes that his Bright Hopper would crush the enemy Object from the Mass Driver Conglomerate due to its ground combat specialty!

Well, except for a railgun shell which the enemy Object uses the chaff clouds to locate its target apart from disrupting radar, and sends it at Mach 25 thanks to its rocket boosters after reaching its highest peak.

Not only that, but the shell deploys sub-munitions which destroys the Bright Hopper and the rest of the Legitimate Kingdom’s forces. While there are a few casualties here and there, the Legitimate Kingdom suffered a devastating blow!

On the other hand, there are survivors like Havia Winchell and Milinda Brantini who decides to hide themselves for the time being as the Baby Magnum was severely damaged.

However, seems that the Baby Magnum will be deployed despite having a single working main gun…

…as Copacabana’s 52nd Mechanized Maintenance Battalion are planning to destroy a nearby dam to slow down or disable the enemy Object’s propulsion.

Yeah, that’s something Havia and Qwenthur wouldn’t like that since there are civilians living downstream!

Speaking of Qwenthur Barbotage, he’s joined by his commander Frolaytia Capistrano as Qwenthur got a broken leg. Oh and as for Frolaytia, I have to tell you something that’ll shock you. It turns out that she’s not only came from a noble family, but Frolaytia is capable of giving birth to boys, 100% guaranteed no matter if her partner is impotent or not.

Well, that’s something Halreed Copacabana would want that as he’s third in the line of potential candidates for Frolaytia Capistrano. But you know what, she doesn’t give a fuck about giving birth to male nobles as Frolaytia wants to live and die on the battlefield, which is why she joined Qwenthur to find and destroy the enemy Object!

In any case, see ya on the next episode where these two are going to hunt down an enemy Object on their own without resorting to destroying a dam!

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