Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka?? Episode #11

I have to say that girls are having fun at the mountains on this penultimate episode. C’mon, Cocoa and the gang are camping and catching fish like it was nothing!

Except for the catching part as both Sharo-chan and Cocoa got hit after reeling it in!

While the girls are doing fine on the great outdoors, seems that Chino-chan is having problems of her own as Cocoa’s hat was caught down the river stream, which Chino proceeds to get it before being swept away.

Good thing Chino-chan found a sandbar to land and she caught a fish along the way using Cocoa’s hat…

…but it seems that Cocoa got worried on Chino-chan that she hit her in the head. C’mon, she doesn’t want Chino-chan getting swept away towards her doom!

Oh yeah, and while Cocoa-chan hit herself afterwards for failing as a big sister, it seems that Ep. 11 turned something different…

…GochiUsa turned into a zombie apocalypse anime reminiscent of Gakkou Gurashi!

You got Rize Tedeza fending off zombies since she’s good at handling firearms (except for the time where she pointed a gun towards Cocoa back in Season 1).

Oh, and it turned for the worst as Cocoa-chan turned into a zombie and I have to say that it’s “bad end” for Chino-chan!

Just kidding, it’s all just a bad dream by Chino-chan. C’mon, there’s no way her friends would become zombies just like that!

Oh wait, never mind what I’ve said as Cocoa turned into a zombie for reals this time!

Nah, forget what I’ve said as it’s all just a prank made by Cocoa. Seriously Cocoa, don’t scare Chino-chan like that or she might turn into another Yuki Takeya!

Anyways, I’ll end this episode as Rize’s badass father visited his war buddy who owned a certain cafe/bar.

That’s right, I’m talking about Takahiro Kafuu as he was challenged by his friend to a blowgun challenge!

Oh boy, I hope it won’t turn out badly but it seems that WHITE FOX and Kinema Citrus won’t show it!

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