K: Return of Kings Episode #12

Well, here’s HAKUMAITOU knocking on JUNGLE’s doorsteps as they’re here for the Dresden Slates. Oh by the way, they got some help from HOMRA…

…as they crashed Yashiro’s fabulous blimp onto the gate that lead towards JUNGLE’s underground headquarters! Yeah, at least he doesn’t use it to run away should this mission failed again.

Meanwhile, it’s time for Round 2 between Iwafune and Munakata. Unfortunately for the Blue King, he’s at a disadvantage due Iwa-san’s mist…

…so much that the Gray King will just sneak up on Reishi Munakata and kick him. Damn, that sucks for Munakata!

Fortunately, Reishi Munakata got some reinforcements as SCEPTER 4 came to the rescue! Well, Ms. Awashima and her men acted on their own so they’ll get punished later.

Then again, seems that they’ll won’t be punished as it’s the government’s fault for putting SCEPTER 4 on stand-by where you have Nagare Hisui granting powers to civilians! In any case, Reishi Munakata got his strength and confidence back thanks to SCEPTER 4, which he finally defeated the Gray King.

As for Tenkei Iwafune, I have to say sorry for him as he’ll won’t see Nagare Hisui’s dream coming into completion.

Rest in peace, Gray King!

Back at JUNGLE’s headquarters, Saruhiko Fushimi is in a bind right now as Sukuna Gojou is about to kill him for betraying the Green Clan.

Luckily for Fushimi, Misaki Yata came to the rescue even though Yata hated him for betraying not once but twice!

Speaking of Saruhiko’s betrayal, his second one was planned by Munakata should JUNGLE got the Dresden Slates. So with that said, Fushimi is pretending that he joined Nagare’s side where he’s actually infiltrating their headquarters for helping the Blue King all along.

Damn, Fushimi and Munakata caught me off-guard with this one! Oh well, at least the Coffee Table Alliance felt a sigh of relief and now it’s time for them to press forward…

But first, Misaki and Saruhiko cast aside their grudge and team up on defeating Sukuna Gojou! All they need to do is have Fushimi throw a knife onto Sukuna’s right shoulder…

…then followed by Yata’s right hook onto his face, which sends Gojou-kun down towards his doom! Well, looks like two top dogs from JUNGLE wend down on this episode.

As for Fushimi though, he’ll make his escape with the help of Douhan Hirasaka. Speaking of Douhan, she’s done with JUNGLE as Hirasaka wanted the money instead of supporting Hisui’s ideas!

In any case, see ya on the last episode where Nagare Hisui and Yukari Mishakiji are waiting…

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