Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru Episode #11

Well, it’s time to find out on whether Minami Tsutsumi’s best friend Hitoe Madoka did something horrible to herself as Sakurako Kujou went to the scene!

And when they went to a cottage deep beneath the forest, something shocking has happened…

Turns out that they found the unconscious body of Hitoe Madoka. Looks like they’re too late to save her!

Just kidding, seems that Hitoe woke up after botching her attempt to kill herself with sleeping pills. But hey, what’s important that she’s fine instead of seeing Hitoe already dead.

So after finding Hitoe Madoka, seems that Hector sniffed something beneath the elm tree. After all, Hector can smell death.

But anyways, Sakurako-san found remains that belong to Futaba Nishizawa underneath the elm tree, meaning that her disappearance has turned into something gruesome.

Of course, some say that she committed suicide by hanging herself as Futaba is in critical stages of depression at that time.

But it turns out that someone assisted on Futaba’s suicide, as Sakurako-san pointed Hitoe Madoka as the main culprit behind Nishizawa’s death from four years ago.

Of course, the reason why Hitoe did something horrible is because Futaba wanted to die a happy person instead of being gloom all day. While Hitoe Madoka wanted Minami Tsutsumi to join her in death, seems that Minami is horrified to what happened on that day and went into hiding until she turned to Hanabusa-san for help.

Speaking of Hanabusa, seems that he took a look at Futaba’s remains, especially her skull, and took the sphenoid bone from it. Now if you’re thinking that Hanabusa has an affinity for butterflies, well that’s the answer as Sakurako’s uncle call him the Sphenoider.

Oh, and he doesn’t need to dirty his hands as Hanabusa manipulated weak-willed people with sweet words so they could carry the crime instead, something that Hitoe couldn’t believe it!

So, she attempts to murder Sakurako-san by stabbing her with a painting knife. While she wasn’t hurt, seems that Shoutarou Tatewaki took the stab instead!

Dammit Shoutarou, don’t show your miserable face towards Sakurako-san, you’re reminding her of the time she lost her little brother Soutarou!

While Shoutarou would recover eventually, seems that Sakurako-san will have no choice but to stay away from him for the time being as encountering Hanabusa together might pose great risk.

In any case, see ya next episode for the finale!

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