One Punch Man Episode #12

Here it is, the final episode of One Punch Man where you have Saitama and Lord Boros are in a serious battle. And while the Dominator of the Universe is going all-out, seems that Saitama felt happy that someone can take him on!

Coupled with the opening theme by JAM Project playing on the background, this finale will surely deliver the most intense fight yet!

Meanwhile, the rest of the S-Class Heroes are cleaning up below the surface such as Tornado-chan hurling debris at the alien ship.

By the way, if you can squint your eyes a bit, you’ll see that she’s not wearing any underwear. Yeah, Tornado is feeling the breeze down there!

On the other hand, the likes of “Silver Fang” Bang and Atomic Samurai are wrapping things up by defeating Melzalgald.

Sure that Bang went flying towards a wall back in Ep. 11, but it seems that he’s fine and delivered the final blow. See, age doesn’t matter when the Silver Fang can still kicks ass!

Finally, here’s Drive Knight telling Genos that he should be careful on Metal Knight. While the armored S-Class Hero wasn’t present on this final battle, I have a feeling that he might be responsible for killing Genos’ parents and ripping his body apart.

Oh yeah, and it seems that Metal Knight is interested in alien technology since he’ll use that to upgrade his arsenal. C’mon, Metal Knight is interested in testing new weapons instead of saving lives!

Now let’s get back to the main event where Lord Boros is unleashing hell onto Saitama, which includes sending him towards the moon at one point!

But you know what, Saitama is just holding back until he reached the right time…

…like throwing a flurry of punches after Boros finished his attack!

And if his punches wasn’t enough, Saitama has a trump card in his sleeve.

Oh yeah, and he’s getting serious as Saitama will deliver a serious punch that sends the Dominator of the Universe flying!

See, he just send Lord Boros away that his body couldn’t handle the power. Hence, Boros got rekt’d on this climatic battle!

Of course, he’s satisfied that Lord Boros found a worthy opponent. But then again, his strength wasn’t enough to beat Saitama.

You’ll surely be missed, Dominator of the Universe!

And that’s about it for One Punch Man as Saitama walks away in triumph! Of course, his heroic feats will never be recognized by the masses and only Bang, Mumen Rider, and Genos know how he saved the world from destruction.

Now for the series itself, all I can say that Madhouse fully-delivered the hype on this anime adaptation of One Punch Man! While I wanted more, seems that I’ll have to wait a year or two for another season as Madhouse used the remake version drawn by Yusuke Murata of Eyeshield 21 fame. Of course, you can check the original version made by ONE if you can get past the amateurish drawing.

In any case, kudos to Madhouse for doing a wonderful adaptation!

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