Yuruyuri San☆Hai! Episode #12

Here Kyouko Toshino as she finishes her latest doujinshi with the help of her friends at the Amusement Club!

See, isn’t is great? Of course, I’m worried that Chinatsu-chan might ruin it since she’s a terrible artist!

Now let’s begin the finale of Yuruyuri San☆Hai! where the girls are enjoying seeing the cherry blossoms. Oh, and it seems that there would be a manzai act brought you by Sakurako Oomuro and Akari Akaza!

Of course, seems that Sakurako resorted to improvisation as she delivered jokes without reading a script, something that Akarin got annoyed by it! But hey, it’s funnier than doing it by the script!

Meanwhile, here’s a last-minute shipping between Kyouko Toshino and Ayano Sugiura!

Seeing TOSHINO KYOUKO teasing Ayano-chan by putting an afro onto her head would tickle a certain yuri shipper…

And that shipper is none other than Chitose Ikeda. Speaking of Ikeda-san, I didn’t see her sister Chizuru around!

On the other hand, at least nobody noticed her bleeding nose after seeing Kyouko and Ayano getting together.

But in any case, the girls are having fun watching the start of Spring. Then again, it’s time to say farewell for Akarin and the rest of Nanamori Middle School students as Yuruyuri San☆Hai! is finally over!

Well, it was a decent season made by TYO Animations, although I prefer Dogakobo on making the third season and the next one.

Still, they did a good job on adapting Yuruyuri to their style while retaining the yuri gags from previous seasons (except for the animated eyecatches). In any case, see ya Akari and the gang!

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