Hidan no Aria AA Episode #12

Well, Aria and Akari-chan are supposed to celebrate their victory over Kyouchikutou. But her older sister Suimitsutou appeared to wreck havoc.

See, this girl is freaking crazy! But you know what, it’s time to end her reign of terror…

…with Aria-sempai and Akari-chan teaming up to destroy Suimitsutou’s mecha and arrest her!

With the help of their friends, all they need is to trap this maniac and shoot her mecha down until it’s no longer functioning.

See, they stopped Suimitsutou from destroying the bridge further. In any case, both sisters are arrested and I hope Kyouchikutou would get an antidote for Akari’s sister Nonoka!

With those two troublemakers out, it’s time for something climatic…

…as Akari Mamiya challenged Aria H. Kanzaki for the right to become her Amica.

Sure that Akari-chan would fail again since Aria-sempai is stronger and has a higher rank, but she’s gonna challenge her idol anyway!

And look, Akari managed to grab the Colt 1911 handgun from Aria-sempai. Of course, she’s fainted anyway so Akari doesn’t know if she’s still holding that handgun or not!

But hey, Akari Mamiya is happy that she overcome her greatest obstacle, which is why she became Aria H. Kanzaki’s official Amica from now on!

Congratulations to Akari Mamiya and I hope she can deliver the news to Nonoka-chan!

Speaking of Nonoka, she’s fully-recovered from the Fuchou poison right after Kyouchikutou made an antidote.

So yes, all’s well that ends well for Hidan no Aria AA as this spin-off is finally over! All I can say is that Dogakobo did a decent job on adapting the spin-off to Hidan no Aria, but I rather have another season of the main series as there’s more story to adapt from.

Then again, seems that neither the author nor Kadokawa won’t comment on that possibility.

Anyways, I’m gonna end this post as Akari Mamiya is gonna see her idol Aria-sempai for their first mission together.

Then again, I feel that her clumsiness would cost them dearly as being a klutz who learned assassination techniques from her family don’t mix. Gee Akari-chan, don’t disappoint Aria-sempai!

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