The Asterisk War Episode #12

Well, that’s what I called a sensual blood-sucking by the Urzaiz sisters. And speaking of them, both Priscilla and Irene are ready for their next match against the Ayato/Julis pair!

So let’s get onto it where Ayato Amagiri makes his first attack against Irene Urzaiz. Of course, he’s concerned about the limiter as Ayato might pass out after using Ser-Veresta for more than five minutes.

Luckily, Princess Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld is here to back him up by summoning her large-scale fire skill Rafflesia…

…which Irene couldn’t escape it, leaving no choice but to take the brunt of Julis’ fire magic!

So yeah, Princess Julis activated her skill and made an explosion that engulfed the entire field. However…

Irene Urzaiz remained standing, but it seems that the Gravi-Sheath took control of her body and starting to go on a rampage.

Well, things aren’t looking good there for Ayato-kun and he’s running out of time!

So before his limiter kicked in, Ayato went to the offensive and made a last-ditch effort by powering up his Ser-Veresta to its limits!

And then followed by attempting to destroy the Gravi-Sheath by thrusting it at its core to the ground. Will Ayato’s plan work?

Well, he did it and that’s how the match ended with Ayato and Julis claim victory over the Urzaiz sisters!

However by the time the results were announced, Ayato’s limiter kicked in and suffer tremendous pain until he passed out.

Because of this, many of the participants like Arlequint Academy’s Ernesta Kuhne and Camilla Pareto felt delighted that it’s gonna be an easy match, especially for their puppets since they don’t have any limiters placed on them!

Then again, there’s a possibility that Ayato would get past his limits and become stronger. So until then, he and Princess Julis should change their strategy.

For now, the Ayato/Julis pair would move to the next round. But for the Urzaiz sisters, it’s the end of the road for them.

However, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel as both Priscilla and Irene won’t have to work with Dirk Eberwein anymore since Gravi-Sheath got wrecked beyond repair.

Meanwhile, both Ayato and Princess Julis are taking their private time alone after the fight. But when they’re about to kiss…

Well, this happens as Claudia Enfield and the rest of the girls came to congratulate them!

While Saya Sasamiya comforted Ayato-kun by putting his face onto her flat chest, seems that Saya-chan would lose this one…

As Ayato’s face sink onto Claudia’s tits! Yeah, her boobies is the best on this series. But that’s the end of Part 1 for The Asterisk War as A-1 Pictures will resume this series in Spring 2016.

While I have to say that the first part felt rocky, Let’s hope that things would get better for Ayato and his merry friends on the second half since many of his opponents would exploit his weakness.

On the other hand, we have a glimpse of this person responsible for Haruka Amagiri’s death. Then again, Ayato won’t get to fight this man!

Anyway, see ya next year for Part 2!

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