Sound! Euphonium Episode #14

It’s Christmas Day today and what a great way to spend the holiday is an extra episode from Sound! Euphonium starting with Hazuki Katou.

While she wasn’t selected for the competition, Hazuki has some time practicing her tuba-playing skills instead of doing nothing. Oh yeah and while we’re at it, Hazuki joined a supporters group for the Kitauji High School Concert Band Club called “Team Monaka”, which includes Natsuki Nakagawa.

Anyways, let’s get on with this episode as Hazuki-chan practice her skills while supporting the members of the Concert Band Club, starting with bringing a tuba case which is heavy but she can carry it easily.

On the other hand, Hazuki met Shuichi-kun by coincidence…

But then again, she was previously rejected by Shuichi back in Episode 8, although it seems that Hazuki moved on after her failed confession.

With that said, Shuichi helped her on carrying the tuba case.

However, seems that he could barely carry it whereas Hazuki can lift the case just fine since she got used to it!

Meanwhile, the rest of Team Monaka are busy making charms for the selected representatives ’cause they need luck when making past the preliminaries.

I mean, they’re getting good luck charms from various shrines and put them onto handmade cushions.

On the other hand, Hazuki had a pep talk with Natsuki-sempai. It was a rare moment that they have a conversation together without being bitter since they failed to make the cut for the competition.

Oh, and seeing Natsuki hugging Hazuki was the most heart-warming moment ever! Um, it’s not the time yet to become a yuri couple…

Anyways, it’s time for Kitauji High to compete for the spot at the regionals. Unfortunately, someone left a pair of drum mallets back at the campus and there’s no time to get it back.

That’s when Hazuki volunteered to fetch those mallets towards her fellow club members. While she’s a newbie when it comes to playing the tuba, don’t underestimate this former tennis player as she can deliver it in time for the competition.

See, Hazuki made it and delivered the mallets to her band mates. Good job Hazuki Katou, you’re the reason why Kitauji High School Concert Band Club made it past the preliminaries!

With that said, it was a fun OVA episode of Sound! Euphonium. Even though some of the members were not selected for the competition, at least Hazuki and the rest of Team Monaka gave their best to help Noboru Taki’s ensemble on reaching the nationals!

On another note, there would be another season of Sound! Euphonium in the future. What’s more, there’s a movie on the works so it seems that the future looks bright for Kumiko Oumae and her friends!

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