Heavy Object Episode #12

Here’s Havia Winchell, rescuing workers from a rogue battalion who wanted to blow up the dam and flood the island!

That’s something Corporal Bilany Saronna and her men would do as they want to avenge Halreed Copacabana’s defeat! Mere civilians are nothing to them when they blow up the dam!

Meanwhile, here’s Qwenthur Barbotage as while his legs got busted from last week’s episode, he decides to go for broke and find the enemy Object in one of the three mountain paths it’ll take.

Luckily, Qwenthur found one at the middle path but he couldn’t contact neither Havia Winchell nor Milinda Brantini as his radio got busted during the fall.

Yeah, it’s sucks that he couldn’t tell his buddies at the right moment!

So, Qwenthur resorted to something drastic… Firing his handgun in a pattern resembling Morse Code.

And while he’s at risk on being blasted away by the enemy, Qwenthur relayed his message towards the Milinda that he found the Object “Break Carrier” and must shoot it down using the Baby Magnum’s plasma cannon.

Let’s hope that the Elite Princess would pick his message up!

Coincidentally, Milinda’s Baby Magnum came to the scene and picked Qwenthur’s message.

Well actually, the Elite Princess came to the area as Qwenthur is having a good time with Frolaytia Capistrano, something that Milinda would get jealous of it!

In any case, Milinda picked up Qwenthur’s message and while her Baby Magnum only has one working cannon, it’s enough for the Elite Princess to finish Break Carrier off…

…by delivering a single shot that pierced the mountain range and straight towards the enemy Object.

Well, all I can say that it’s all done and dusted for the Legitimate Kingdom as the Mass Driver Conglomerate’s latest weapon just got punctured!

Oh and since Break Carrier is destroyed, there’s no need for Bilany Saronna and her men to blow up the dam. Sorry to burst your bubble but there’s no need to avenge Copacabana’s pride!

Anyways, it’s mission accomplished in Iguazu Mountains but there’s one more battle that needs to be fought…

Yes, I’m talking about Halreed Copacabana as while his Bright Hopper got wrecked, seems that he became the first in line to marry Frolaytia Capistrano and bear his heir in the future.

That’s something Frolaytia would get annoyed at the news as it turns out that her parents approved of her engagement with this lech!

But you know what, Qwenthur has some other plans as he grabbed Frolaytia’s breasts and pinched one her nipples.

One more thing, Qwenthur told Mr. Copacabana that he had sex with Ms. Capistrano, which I doubt that he would get that joke seriously!

Oh wait, he got hooked with Qwenthur’s jokes so I guess that Halreed got salty about Frolaytia being a slut! Imagine Qwenthur raping his superior in front of Mr. Copacabana…

In any case, that’s about it for the first half of Heavy Object. And one more thing, seems that the Mass Driver Conglomerate won’t go down a fight as there’s a rumor that they fielded another Object with stealth capabilities. We’ll see that in January 2016!

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