Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka?? Episode #12

It’s time for the finale of GochiUsa Season 2 where after they have fun at the great outdoors from last week’s episode, they settled down at Rabbit House by taking silly pictures of themselves!

Of course, most of the pictures were taken by Chino-chan in which she wanted Cocoa-san and her friends to act natural instead of acting silly.

In any case, they have a great time by doing this! Yeah, it’s an optical illusion but taking this shot is much more fun!

Well, I hope that they can send these pics to their relatives at one point. I mean, Mocha-san is expecting a batch of pictures later.

Meanwhile, Cocoa-san is invited for a Ciste treasure hunt as it’s her first time experiencing this since moving to this town.

Of course, she won’t see something that would surprise her…

…like Chino-chan casting a magic spell on the wall and explodes. Then again, it’s all just a made-up story by Maya-chan.

Come to think of it, I think WHITE FOX should make an OVA episode where Chino-chan becomes a magical girl. C’mon WHITE FOX, make it happen!

Anyways, the girls finally found the treasure after following the map. Unfortunately, Cocoa couldn’t see this moment as she’s too big to get into the hole…

…leading to the treasure that contains Ama Usa An’s discount coupon, a toy crest, and a shoulder massage ticket!

Yeah, that’s sucks for Cocoa. Maybe next time, she’ll get the treasure together with her friends.

Now let’s move onto Cocoa’s family bakery at the mountains where Mocha-san got a letter that contained the best pictures from their outing.

Yeah, she’s gonna share those pics with her mother and Mocha is looking forward to come back to Rabbit House in the future.

Then again, Mocha will have to compete with Cocoa for the right to become the best big sister for Chino-chan!

With that said, it’s the end of the second season of GochiUsa and while WHITE FOX got some help from Kinema Citrus, they sure did a great job on bringing more cuddly moments!

Oh, and by the way… Seems that Cocoa whispered Chino-chan that she’ll do her best as her big sister. C’mon,

Then again, Chino-chan won’t even remember it as she’s napping…

Oh well, see ya again Cocoa and friends, I’ll meet you again in the future if there’s another season!

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