Working!!! Episode #14

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the definite conclusion to this wonderful series! Unfortunately, you won’t expect Mahiru-chan fighting the last boss on this special in the most spectacular fashion.

There would be a confrontation against Souta’s estranged mother, but not in a fantasy-like setting.

Anyways, let’s start with Katanashi-kun as he came back to Wagnaria after disappearing from Ep. 13.

For Inami, it was a sign of relief as Souta came back to work, but it doesn’t last long though…

…as Shizuka-san came behind Souta and he’s about to get dragged away by his mother!

The reason why Mrs. Takanashi tried to take his son back home is because she doesn’t like people who are lying, especially Souta-kun who couldn’t be honest by himself.

On the other hand, I think Shizuka-san should stop using Aoi and Kirio’s mother as her stand-in. I mean, she’s lying to herself and the public!

Anyways, Souta got dragged back home by his mother and I have a feeling that he won’t be coming back to work at Wagnaria…

…as Tooru Minegishi told the rest of the staff about the horrible news. Honestly, Souta’s mother has gone too far!

In any case, it’s up to Mahiru Inami to rescue her “unofficial” boyfriend Souta Takanashi. Once she rescued Souta, they’ll become an official couple!

Of course, it’s dangerous to go alone without proper equipment, so Mahiru wore Souta’s waiter uniform for added protection.

Oh, and Souma-san give Inami-chan something that would help her!

I wonder if that envelope contained questionable documents that would ruin Shizuka-san? We’ll find out later!

On the other hand, Yachiyo wanted to give her prized katana to Mahiru-chan, but Satou-san stopped her ’cause it’s dangerous to carry it when she’s a minor.

Also, Mahiru can defend herself with her fists so there’s no need for Todoroki’s samurai sword!

Anyways, Mahiru Inami moved out to save Souta-kun, but she’ll have to face the rest of the Takanashi family in order to reach her goal.

And we’ll start with the oldest daughter of the family, Kazue Takanashi and her trusty law book! You know what, Mahiru should congratulate Kazue-san on remarrying her masochistic husband Tooru Minegishi.

See, she’s so embarrassed to fight Inami directly. On the other hand, it’s ridiculous to participate in this silly event anyway!

Next up is Izumi Takanashi, who is so tired of confronting Mahiru that she gave up right after introducing herself.

Well honestly, Izumi-san should decline her mother’s offer and stay home. On the other hand, it’s a pain in the ass to carry her around!

Luckily, Kirio-kun arrived at the scene to give Mahiru-chan some words of encouragement. Glad that he came as Mahiru-chan told him to take care Izumi-san.

So yeah, it’s Kirio’s responsibility on carrying Izumi-san back at the Takanashi residence. Let’s hope that Aoi-chan won’t see that…

…or Maya Matsumoto for that matter. Oh wait, seems that Matsumoto-san saw Kirio carrying Izumi-san as a form of crime that she called the police, even though he didn’t do anything lewd!

Moving onto the next opponent as Kozue Takanashi is so pumped up today after Shizuka-san called her name after a long time.

In any case, she gave Mahiru a hard time as Kozue-san is quick at her feet…

…until the Mashiba twins called her over. Glad that Kozue has buddies to comfort her or Mahiru would just give up already!

Finally, here’s Nazuna Takanashi as Mahiru’s last opponent. This time, she’s serious on defending her brother Souta from Mahiru-chan.

Of course, Inami couldn’t hurt Nazuna-chan or Souta might get mad at her!

Luckily, Nazuna just give Mahiru a poke to the face and let her go. Phew, I’m glad that it’s over and now it’s time to face the final boss!

But before facing Shizuka Takanashi, Mahiru gave Nazuna the envelope from Souma-san.

In any case, Nazuna escorted Mahiru towards the boss- I mean the Takanashi residence for a confrontation with the matriarch of the family!

Then again, seems that Shizuka-san won’t let his son go on a relationship with Mahiru-chan. Also, Souta is dressed up as a girl again!

At this point, it’s hard for Inami-chan to convince Shizuka-san to let Souta-kun go…

That’s when Nazuna opened Souma’s envelope, which contained a picture of Shizuka-san when she was a sweet young girl.

Yeah, this emphasizes the “sweet” part as Shizuka has the same height as Popura-chan! Then again, this doesn’t convince Shizuka-san much…

…until Popura-chan barged in! This prompted Shizuka-san to stop her short reign of terror over Souta as she allowed him to have a relationship with Mahiru Inami.

On the other hand, Shizuka-san was surprised that Souta didn’t pursue Popura-chan as one of his love interest. C’mon, Souta likes cute and small things just like his late father and he only admired Popura Taneshima for being a small senior to him!

Anyways, it’s all good for both Mahiru Inami and Souta Takanashi. Not only they’re holding hand, but Souta finally said “I love you!” towards Mahiru-chan.

Now that they finally became a couple, it’s time to seal it with a kiss…

But it seems that Kirio escaped the police after carrying Izumi back home and interrupted this heart-warming event!

Dammit Kirio-kun, why do you have to ruin their moment?

Seriously Kirio, you should learn about privacy and delicacy as Souta punched you in the face!

Anyways, I’m glad that Working!! is finally over now that everything is resolved. Except for one…

And that’s Popura Taneshima as she’ll replace Yachiyo Todoroki as the new chief waitress of Wagnaria.

While she’s hesitant at first, but Yachiyo encourage Popura-chan to go for it as Todoroki believed that Taneshima will do her best!

With Taneshima accepted her new position as the chief waitress, it’s time for a celebration…

…by calling the rest of the crew for a party with Minegishi footing the bill! I don’t know if his money would last since we have Kozue-san ordering up lots of beer to chug with her buddies!

Oh yeah, and there’s Hyougo and Haruna joining on this occasion. Let’s hope that Otoo-san won’t let go of his wife this time. And if he does, Aoi-chan will find his wife and get her back!

In any case, I’m gonna end this episode as Popura-chan put up the group photo from Ep. 13 onto the wall. And with that, this series comes to an end after 5 years!

I have to say that while I’m expecting for a fantasy-like conclusion, A-1 Picture sure wrapped it up pretty well on this grand finale not only for Souta Takanashi and Mahiru Inami, but for the rest of the cast so kudos to them on making a satisfying conclusion after three seasons!

With that said, it’s time to say good-bye to Popura Taneshima and her buddies at Wagnaria. It was a fun ride and I’m glad that I’ve finished it!

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