Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid Episode #12

Here’s the finale of Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid where Kasumi Shigure got some sharp legs thanks to Hibiki Kenjou, who is no longer tormented.

Oh yeah, and Mei-Fon Sakura is there as she has loads of money to throw at for the finale battle. Then again, both of them would be crushed by Momoka Sagara!

Anyways, there’s a saying from famed comic book artist Stan Lee where “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Sadly for Momoka Sagara or A3, she’s drunk with power now that Momoka has Mamori Tokonome as her personal Externe. And now, she’s about to kill her former partner Mirei…

But it seems that someone blocked Momoka’s attacks. I wonder if Akira Hiiragi returned to the scene?

Well she did return and thanks to Sri, Mirei got back up for another shot at Momoka…

…by using Rain Hasumi and Lady J’s combined powers to form this amazing airbike!

Sadly, one of Momoka’s cronies just slapped her to the ground. Damn, and they almost had it!

And to make matters worse, Momoka sucked Mirei and her comrades into her Arm so it can reach up to 100%.

Yes, she’s aiming for a perfect Valkyrie Effect!

Now let’s go inside Mamori-chan as we have Mirei Shikishima being surrounded by girls getting tentacle raped!

And the reason why this obscene thing occurred is because Momoka wants to draw out the Armed Virus by force. Yeah, that would be a good explanation since it’s getting borderline hentai!

Anyways, Mirei was attacked by the tentacles, but she managed to fend it off! C’mon, she’s a Soldier who got used to torture!

But with that said, Mirei finally found Mamori-chan and she’s bound to a chain made by Momoka.

Luckily, Mirei managed to break her free and got out to reality. Not only Mamori-chan came back to her senses, but she merged with Mirei to form what it’s called the ultimate form.

And that’s the titular Valkyrie Drive, achieving 100% through the power of love! Yeah, that would pissed Momoka Sagara off…

…that she got bigger by merging with her two accomplices to form a giant Gundam robot!

But you know what, bigger is not better on some occasions.

In fact, Nimi Minimi just tackled Momoka Sagara just to give both Mirei and Mamori-chan the advantage!

Well, I have to say that Nimi’s intervention is a blessing in disguise!

In any case, Mirei and Mamori-chan are ready for their final attack as they ride the airbike…

…and pierced Momoka Sagara’s giant mecha form. That would take care of that bitch!

Unfortunately, seems that this bitch won’t go down for a fight. So instead of having her killed…

…Mirei resorted to kissing her instead. After all, Momoka Sagara suffered too much and it’s time to set her free from past mistakes and regrets!

On the other hand, both of them are surrounded by a ball of light as it goes up to the sky.

And speaking of that ball of light, seems that it negates the Armed Virus as Mei-Fon’s money armor disappeared.

So wait, don’t tell me that both Mirei Shikishima and Mamori Tokonome became Goddess Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica? Damn, and their 5th anniversary is fast approaching!

With that said, both of them went up towards the stratosphere as they give hope to those girls who have Armed Viruses by having both Mirei and Mamori absorbed them.

This includes Charlotte Scherzen where she’s now a normal bitchy woman instead of a iron-fist governor of Mermaid Island.

Well, how the haughty have fallen and there’s no reason to go stay at Mermaid Island!

On the other hand, there are a few who still have the Armed Virus in their bodies. However, these two girls from Bhikkhuni Island got a glimmer of hope thanks to the power of the Valkyrie Drive!

By the way, these two girls have appeared in Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni, a Playstation Vita game that won’t have any uncensored boobies other than being another Senran Kagura game.

Anyways, this anime series is over as the inhabitants went home to their families.

But for these girls like Momoka Sagara, they’ll have a bit of questioning from the authorities.

Speaking of the authorities, it was revealed that Torino Kasami is actually an observer from the United Nations just to keep those girls in check.

Then again, she already seen enough and it’s time to make a report of it!

And one more thing to close this post out, seems that Mamori Tokonome and Mirei Shikishima are going to rescue the Armed Virus carriers by going to various islands like Bhikkhuni. Of course, they’re not alone on their quest as they’re joined by Mei-Fon Sakura, Rain Hasumi and Lady J.

Well, that’s about it for Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid as it was a wacky ride from ARMS and Marvelous Entertainment. While I’m happy that it was aired uncensored on AT-X, let’s just say that this anime series is nothing compared to the Blu-Ray version Shinmai Maou no Testamant in terms of lewdness.

On the other hand, while there are characters that stood out like the Rain Hasumi/Lady J duo, Mirei Shikishima, and Kasumi Shigure, my only complain is that Mamori Tokonome is always being the damsel-in-distress and a tool for Mirei to win battles. Sure that she somewhat “rescued” Shigure’s partner, but Tokonome will always be the sidekick that her main role is to become Shikishima’s weapon and that’s it!

In any case, I’m glad that I’ve finished watching Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid. Of course, I’m not gonna buy either the PS Vita game nor download the mobile app game named Valkyrie Drive: Siren.

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