Aquarion Logos Episodes #25 & 26

Here’s Shintarou Hayashi to start this two-part finale as he witness the last battle between Subete Kenzaki and Akira Kaibuki!

Yes, this fight will decide the fate of modern civilization, something that Nesta detested it. Unfortunately, seems that Akira went to save the world instead of settling things with Subete, therefore disappearing altogether!

For Subete Kenzaki, it was a slap to the face as there’s no reason to fight when he doesn’t have a rival like Akira Kaibuki.

Heck, Subete questions his dead parents on why he existed and why he needs to be with Maia Tsukigane.

And speaking of Maia Tsukigane, it seems that Nesta blamed her existence for causing disturbances in the Logos World.

Of course, she was devastated that Maia couldn’t remember Akira Kaibuki, not even his name. But that’s until Maia found the Vector-Ga where she finally remembered Akira!

And look, he appeared right in front of her eyes as the savior returned to action, something that Nesta wouldn’t believe it so she wants to crush both of them with her MJBK that encompasses all concepts!

Luckily, Subete came to his senses by protecting both Akira and Maia. C’mon, he has a grudge to settle against Akira later after this battle!

But for now, it’s time to combine their Verbalism together with Maia to form the ultimate Aquarion…

And that’s the Aquarion Logos Genesis, the ultimate form that combines all Vectors!

Of course, Nesta won’t be fazed with it as their battle moved to the real world, which will endanger the civilians as well as Akira and Maia’s comrades back at DEAVA.

However, it could be a blessing as Akira, Maia, and Subete received support from their friends as well as the citizens living in Asagaya.

And with that, they defeated the MJBK by forming an ultra-long sword that would rival the Infinite Punch.

For Nesta, it was a devastating loss…

However, it seems that her lover Kiryu appeared in front of her! I wonder what’s in store for this fellow?

Oh, it seems that Kiryu pulled a letter that he wrote before his execution. It says that he didn’t regret anything upon meeting Nesta in the battlefield and he still love her until he breathed his last!

You know, I think he should relay the message personally instead of the Writing Tribe.

But what’s important is that Kiryu finally delivered it to Nesta and I’m sure she finally rest in peace upon receiving his message!

With that said, modern civilization was saved from Nesta’s wrath. But, there’s one more match to settle that before closing this series out…

And that’s between Subete Kenzaki and Akira Kaibuki. Not only it would have a conclusion to their rivalry, but this fight would determine who will become the new host of the Logos World.

And because of Nesta’s disappearance, the Logos World no longer exist and ever world he or she said would become reality. If you want an assailant to drop dead, the the concept of “death” would come true and kill the enemy. And that would be problematic as it would turn the whole world into chaos once more.

Oh by the way, this battle is a simple man vs man affair so there’s no need for Akira’s comrade to intervene.

However, Kokone-chan, Sakurako, and rest of DEAVA are still watching this battle unfold…

And it’s not just them nor the people living in the city of Asagaya, but the whole world.

It’s kinda funny for them to stop what they’re doing and just watch a scuffle between two rowdy teenagers!

I mean, these two won’t yield and they just punch and kick the hell out of each other!

And yet, they seemed to enjoy it even though this battle will end shortly…

So yeah, they’re pushing it to its limit that both Aquarion mechas couldn’t keep up and crash down towards Earth.

And even though their respective Vectors got damaged upon re-entry, both Akira and Subete fought like there’s no tomorrow!

But that’s until Subete pushed Akira away. I wonder what’s he doing at this moment?

Oh wait, it seems that he’ll try to become the new host of the Logos World by absorbing the word concepts onto himself.

Yeah, that’s a bit salty there as Akira was beaten to the punch.

But hey, what’s important is that he won’t disappear but Akira won’t live as a savior anymore… That’s because Subete Kenzaki took that role away from Kaibuki. Ouch!

In any case, the world is saved thanks to Subete Kenzaki and a new legend was born in Asagaya.

Although Akira Kaibuki and Maia Tsukigane wanted to become the new host, seems that there’s no need to sacrifice themselves. C’mon, they should become lovers for Kiryu and Nesta’s sake!

Meanwhile in Asagaya, seems that the city is settling down after the MJBK threat.

On the other hand, Sakurako Souda has become the new CEO of NESTA and she’s tasked on saving the company and her reputation after lying to the public about the Logos World phenomenon. With that said, her hands is full on this one!

Back in Shirobaco, the former Vector pilots are planning their future ahead like Kokone Kikogami studying abroad and Hayato Kujou planning to erect a statue in honor of Tsutomu Domon. Then again, there’s no need to make a statue for a fallen comrade!

And that’s about it for Aquarion Logos. Well I have to say that it was a rocky ride for this latest entry since Shoji Kawamori made no connections to both Genesis of Aquarion and Aquarion EVOL. Still, it’s a good entry to the Aquarion series but not much compared to the previous two entries.

On the other hand, there’s a good ending on this as Maia Tsukigane and Akira Kaibuki finally kissed and became lovers!

Well, it’s all thanks to Subete Kenzaki that this finally happened! Maybe in the future, his uncle Shintarou Hayashi would make a story out of it!

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