K: Return of Kings Episode #13

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the final battle where Kuroh Yatogami is ready to fight against Yukari Mishakuji.

For Mishakuji, he’s ready to kill his disciple if Kuroh disappoint Yukari!

Meanwhile, Yashiro and Neko have finally reached Nagare Hisui where he’s about to unleash the power of the Dresden Slates. Oh, and I forgot to tell you that Hisui called Neko as Miyabi Ameno, something that Neko won’t even recognize it as she somewhat cast her former identity away and become a human cat!

Anyways, the Green King told the Silver King that he needed the Slates’ power to increase human potential, something that Neko wouldn’t understand as she wanted to have a meal with Kurosuke and Shiro!

In short, it’s all about family bonds and that’s important for Yashiro’s clan, something that Hisui wouldn’t understand even though he has the likes of Mr. Iwa, Sukuna-kun, and Mishakuji as his company.

But with that said, Nagare Hisui unleashes his powers via the Dresden Slates, channeling it without limits!

I have another feeling that it’s gonna be another Kagutsu Incident if it left unchecked!

Back at the surface, it’s starting to calm down as most of clansmen from JUNGLE have surrendered.

And sure that it’s obligatory to post a screenshot of Seri Awashima, she’s not the main focus here…

…as Anna Kushina is here not only to unleash her powers as a Red King, but she brought Mikoto Suoh back from the grave!

In any case, her role was to make way for Yashiro’s gambit act. Unfortunately, Anna’s powers alone couldn’t bust a hole towards the Slates.

That’s when her clansmen came to play as Izumo Kusanagi and Misaki Yata used one of her jewels to guide her massive flame towards Hisui’s hideout!

And yes, it did work although the Green King shrug it off as a worthless attack.

Then again, the Silver King believes that Anna’s efforts weren’t in vain as Yashiro plans to perform a Damocles Down onto the Dresden Slates.

Now let’s go back to what’s important as Mishakuji and Yatogami are fighting to the death. And as you can see, they’re not giving in to another as Yukari and Kuroh are doing their best of their abilities to beat each other!

However, there’s a breakthrough as Kuroh landed a strike towards his senior. While Mishakuji told his junior to kill him, Yatogami decides to let him live as Kuroh is satisfied to surpass Yukari in a sword fight!

In any case, Kuroh Yatogami won over Yukari Mishakuji and he’s just in time…

…to witness a Damocles Down first-hand. Of course, Nagare Hisui won’t allow the Silver King to destroy the Slates using the giant sword itself.

Luckily, Kuroh came to the rescue as he protected his king and Neko. Sorry Hisui, but you lost this battle!

Oh, and the Dresden Slates are destroyed by piercing it with Yashiro’s sword, therefore ending Nagare’s reign as the Green King.

After all, his life was connected by the Slates and it’s time for Hisui to rest in peace…

…but not alone though as he’s joined by Tenkei Iwafune, who decides to end his life together with Nagare Hisui.

Well, at least the crisis is over but it seems that the kings have lost their powers.

One example is Reishi Munakata as he won’t have to worry losing control over his powers. Oh, and he doesn’t need to die as Seri Awashima give him a smack to the face!

Oh yeah, and Saruhiko Fushimi finally escaped with the help of Douhan Hirasaka. See, he’ll live to see the day!

Unfortunately, there are a few who won’t see the sun like Yashiro Isana for example, as he’ll cease to exist due to the destruction of the Slates.

In fact, Yashiro borrowed this current body in order to finish what he started. While his soul will disappear, Yashiro promised both Neko and Kuroh that he’ll return someday. It’s sad but that’s how it goes!

In any case, that’s about it for K: Return of Kings. Despite GoHands using some stock footage here and there, it still has beautiful visuals and an amazing soundtrack to boot. On the other hand, the music duo angela came back to provide the ending theme for the finale.

So while Yukari Mishakuji finally escaped together with Kotosaka (as well as Sukuna Gojou), I have to say that the sequel did better than the first as it concludes the story. Of course, there’s more to come as King Records and GoHands are making a director’s cut version of Ep. 13, which give insight on what happened to the rest of the cast.

Then again, there are a few who finally settled down after defeating JUNGLE, like Neko who became a student at Ashinaka High and she made friends with Kukuri Yukizome.

Of course, Kukuri won’t remember the day where she was rescued by a certain person and his two comrades after having powers of her own. Nah, it seems that she doesn’t need to forget that certain person as Kukuri remembered him in her heart. Who could possibly be perhaps?

Well it’s none other than the former Silver King himself, Adolf K. Weismann or Yashiro Isana for those who prefer the latter as his name is more recognizable.

Gotta say that while he looked older, I’m glad that it was a good ending for K: Return of Kings!

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