Macross Delta Episode #01 (Special Preview Edition)

A new year and a new entry to the Macross franchise, which will not be simulcast outside Japan because of Harmony Gold. C’mon, they’re living in the 80’s by the way!

So with that said, let’s start with the heroine Freyja Wion who is a big fan of the idol group Walkure! Unfortunately, Freyja arrived at the wrong planet of Al-Shahal instead of Laguna.

Not to mention that she came to Al-Shahal as a stowaway! Good thing Hayate Immelman came to the rescue but their escapade will end by one of the members of the Delta Squadron.

One such member from the Delta Squadron is Mirage Farina Jenius who stopped both Hayate and Freyja in its tracks.

By the way, one thing should I point out is that Mirage is closely related to the famous Jenius family. Don’t know if she’s a daughter to both Maximilian and Millia Jenius, or a descendant to it? We’ll never know…

For now, the planet of Al-Shahal is in chaos as Zentradi soldiers are being controlled by the Var Syndrome, which it could be related to the Protodevlin from Macross 7 or the Vajra from Macross Frontier.

One more thing, I didn’t watched Macross 7 as I only watched Macross Frontier and the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross.

But anyways, help has arrived as Freyja’s favorite idol group Walkure arrived to quell the Var Syndrome using the power of music.

Sure that the idol group has the same premise as the famous rock band Fire Bomber, but I feel that Walkure is similar to AKB0048.

And the fact that they’re supported by a Valkyrie squadron is similar to AKB0048’s Whole Over Technology Association or WOTA.

Could it be that Macross Delta is basically AKB0048 Version 2.0? Well, it could be since Shoji Kawamori is directing this latest entry.

Then again, let’s add Love Live! School Idol Project to the equation as this show has a rival group called the Aeriel Knights, who are tasked on crushing Walkure and supporting the spread of Var Syndrome.

Scratch the Love Live! elements, seems that these pretty boys (except for one) from the Aeriel Knights can only fight instead of singing.

You know what, would it be better if both Walkure and the Aerial Knights they can both sing and fight! I mean, the girls from AKB0048 can do at the same time since they’re trained to defend themselves!

In any case, the pre-airing special of Macross Delta wasn’t bad on its first outing!

While I like how two opposing Valkyrie squadrons duke it out in a genuine dogfight, the singing from Walkure could needs some work if they want to make a good impression much like Lynn Minmay, Fire Bomber, Sheryl Nome, and Ranka Lee!

On the other hand, Freyja’s voice actress Minori Suzuki sounded peppy as it fits her character well. Of course, Minori Suzuki’s character could be in pretty much trouble as Freyja sings her heart out during the heated battle.

Anyways, this latest entry to the Macross franchise will air in Spring 2016, so it’ll be a few months from now before Macross Delta aired its “real” first episode. For now, I’ll see ya in April then…

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