Mouretsu Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace

Hey everyone, rememeber Marika Kato? Well, she has returned to the big screen, which is now arrived in Blu-ray recently.

While piracy shows are starting to decline due to changes in peoples’ tastes, Marika Kato and the Bentenmaru crew are still going strong… even if there’s disturbances in the whole galaxy!

With that said, it’s time for me to blog Mouretsu Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace!

So let’s start things off with a new character named Kanata Mugen as he’s being hunted down by the authorities from the Mira System.

Some say that he has a secret item that’ll undermine the whole galaxy, which is actually his robot parrot Flint…

Luckily, Marika Kato came to the rescue as she’s doing her routine piracy to a luxury spaceship. Glad that she and her Bentenmaru crew did this stunt at the right place and at the right time!

Speaking of the pirate ship Bentenmaru, Captain Marika and her crew managed to get out safely from hyperspace which was getting turbulent recently.

Yeah, it’ll be a zero-sum situation if they got stuck from it!

But hey, what’s important is that Marika saved Kanata but it seems that he’s embarrassed upon sleeping beside her. Oh Kanata, you lucky bastard! On the other hand, Kanata Mugen is similar to Marika Kato as they lost their respective fathers, some of which that they’re acquainted with each other.

However, while Marika’s father Gonzaemon is still alive under the alias of Captain Ironbeard, Dr. Mugen did disappear when he explored the abyss of hyperspace, something that Kanata would get upset after being abandoned by his father. Even after his father’s disappearance, Kanata is always referred as Dr. Mugen’s son and they expect him to carry the doctor’s footsteps.

Of course, it’s up to Kanata Mugen on deciding his future, much like Marika Kato where she chose to become a space pirate by herself and not just pressure!

Meanwhile, it seems that the enemy lead by this mysterious woman is on the move. They hack the whole internet across the Sea of the Morningstar and plant a virus that can spy everyone.

Damn, they got so low by making a worm just to find clues on both Kanata and Marika’s whereabouts!

And apart from hacking every computer out there, the enemy resorted to violence as Marika’s home got wreck.

Yeah, that’s something Chiaki Kurihara couldn’t believe it as she arrived late!

Luckily, nobody got hurt including Marika’s mother Ririka. Of course, she resorted on flexing her muscles by retaliating the enemy!

Still, it’s sucks that the Kato residence got wrecked.

Meanwhile, Marika got some help from the Yacht Club as former and current members are giving her a hand on tackling the enemy and solving the mystery surrounding Kanata Mugen’s legacy with his father.

It turns out that they’re dealing against a large conglomerate called Yggdrasil Groups, who wanted nothing more than using Dr. Mugen’s legacy for their own gains. Speaking of legacy, the Yatch Club figure it out something important by using the names of submarines after deducing Flint’s ramblings. We’ll get to that later!

On the other hand, the Yacht Club got some assistance from the Bentenmaru crew since it’s the only secure connection around.

Then again, seems that the Yggdrasil Group got two steps ahead this time…

…as the took over the Sea of the Morningstar just for Kanata Mugen. Damn, this is all-time low and Gruier Serenity is aware of!

Well, there’s nothing Marika can do but to retreat to her pirate ship together with Kanata. Of course, Princess Gruier and Grunhilde will be back together with the rest of the Yatch Club!

So after escaping from Yggdrasil, Bentenmaru’s next destination is this comet right here where it locates Kanata’s home: Mugen Labs.

As expected from Dr. Mugen, he made a comet into his home that there’s no need a space ship to travel across the galaxy!

So anyways, the Bentenmaru crew went inside Mugen Labs together with Kanata. But it seems that Yggdrasil Groups already traced their footsteps…

In fact, this lady and her group of armed soldiers are ready to take Dr. Mugen’s legacy, which is actually a humanoid-type hyperspace diver tailored for Kanata Mugen.

Speaking of Dr. Mugen, it turns out this woman is actually one of his friends named Carlie. Whatever happened between Carlie and Dr. Mugen will never be known, but Marika Kato and her mates are in a bind right now!

Not until they got some backup, as Ririka Kato shows that she still got spunk. C’mon, this is payback for wrecking her house!

On the other hand, she didn’t bring her husband along the ride, but I guess that Ririka-san doesn’t want Marika to know that her father is alive.

Oh yeah, and it seems that Ririka-san wasn’t alone as the Yacht Club arrived as well.

Well, they got help from Chiaki Kurihara and the rest of the Barbaroosa crew as the combined both ships!

And one more thing, seems that Chiaki-chan will be the captain of the Odette II-Barbaroosa ship on this occasion.

Of course, Chiaki and the Yacht Club are responsible for electronic warfare, while her father’s crew will do the bombardment!

Meanwhile, Kanata went on-board to Dr. Mugen’s last creation and while he strips to his undies, there’s a reason for it as Dr. Mugen’s humanoid-type hyperspace diver…

…can transform into its final form named Advaseele. By using Flint as a key, Advaseele was activated and it was designed to go deeper in the hyperspace.

Yeah, that’s something Carlie and the Yggdrasil Groups would want to get their hands on Kanata’s new toy! In fact, they resorted to bombing it which they’re responsible for making turbulence in hyperspace.

Good thing Marika Kato and her crew are there to back Kanata up, as she got back to Bentenmaru for providing fire support!

Sure that the Bentenmaru couldn’t dive deeper like any hyperspace diver, but it can still packs a punch by beating Carlie’s wingmates at their own game!

For Carlie, it’s her defeat as she couldn’t go further and instead went outside the hyperspace.

See, her Frauen spacecraft would just blow up if there’s no safety feature installed or not working properly!

In any case, a loss is a loss for both Carlie and the Yggdrasil Groups!

As for Kanata however, he finally reached the abyss of hyperspace. Of course, he’s not here to just stand there and be amazed by looking at the abyss.

So, Kanata makes a decision for himself by punching the abyss…

…and making a reaction that would shake the foundation across the galaxy. No “piercing the heavens” or other similar badass boast from Kanata Mugen!

But hey, what’s important is that something happened after punching the abyss, which resulted in this spectacular display of bubbles across the galaxy.

Yeah, that’s something Marika Kato and the rest of the Bentenmaru Crew would be amaze on this spectacle! Not only that, but Kanata opened up new pathways for hyperspace travel so he’ll take a significant amount of credit with his actions.

On the other hand, where’s Kanata Mugen where he’s supposed to be celebrating on his achievement?

Seems that Kanata Mugen is still inside the abyss and he couldn’t get out. C’mon, I don’t want him to die like his father! While he was rescued by Marika’s friends by pulling him out from the abyss using one of the wires from the Odette II spaceship, Kanata Mugen was never seen or heard again.

And that’s the end of Mouretsu Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace. It was fun movie to watch and it’s nice to see Marika Kato back in action together with her merry set of friends! On the other hand, I think the staff should elaborate more about the Yggdrasil Groups as they might be a bigger threat in future seasons (even though the group was made for the movie).

Speaking of future seasons, I wish Satelight make another one! But then again, they’re busy with other projects…

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